What kind of Legacy Do you want to leave for the children?

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To walk the path of compassion and servitude to your fellow man/woman is to walk the path of being a true human. Humans are the caretakers of this world and all living creatures including other humans. We are the only species capable of creating change on a large scale. With our ability to adapt and to create tools and technologies we have surpassed all of the other species on this planet. With great knowledge and power comes even greater responsibility. This is our home and we should take care of it and all that is within it.

  We humans have the gift of freewill and thus we can choose to or not to be guardians, keepers and healers of this world. Though the choice is yours I hope you can see that it is the future of not our generations I worry about it is the future of the teenagers, children and babies that I have concern for. We can leave them a legacy of a generation that strived for a better world in many ways or one of selfishness and consumerism.

What kind of Legacy Do you want to leave for the children?
Think hard about it, and make your own choice.

Enough of my Babbling for now.

R. Barbier

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