But a Fool Can Be a Wiseman Some of The Time

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Looking back on my life and at all the friends that came into my life and have gone away, I remember the fun and boring times with a sense of bliss. Wondering am I, About where they all are and how there lives have turned out. Pondering on the possibility if any of them think of me or even remember my name. Makes me even question what effect I had on this world and the people I have known. I know sometimes I played the fool and other times I played the Loner. I know I may have done wrong to to others with no malice in my heart, Yet good intentions or not what is wrong is wrong. I may have done some good for a handful of people I have met, yet the majority of the time I was just there and had no effect.

All the dreams I had are now just ghostly thoughts from my youth. What dreams remain are very simple and down to earth. The wandering fool has no direction nor no destination and this wandering fool walks in too many circles. The Wiseman who puts away his wisdom is more a fool than the fool himself. For wisdom and knowledge should be used if not shared and if wasted is as useless as a boat on dry land. And I need to get my boat back out to sea instead of letting it rot on the sandy shore.

The realization that friends and family are the true treasures of life brings this fool one step closer to being a sage. Love is the life force that is in us all and it is the greatest gift god gave us all. Be compassionate and loving to one another, shoulder the weight for your brother and or your sister when they are in need. Look beyond color,sex,origin and religion to see we are all one big family in a quite large house. Put Greed,fear,selfishness and deceit behind you for they are nothing but stumbling blocks on the path to happiness. Most Important is to remember to Love,Forgive and accept yourself as who and what you are.

Looking back on my life I see all the good friends and family I had. I am fortunate to had the friends and family I had and those I still do have. I May be a fool, But a fool can be a Wiseman some of the time.

Peace and Love to you all.
Raymond Barbier

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