The Holiday season is upon us


HPIM0012bThe Holiday season is upon us, Thanksgiving has passed but Christmas is just around the corner. We gave thanks for the physical things we have on thanksgiving now Christmas is for us to give thanks for the spiritual salvation and for the grace we have received. It is also a time of celebrating family and friends. Those we love and a sometimes we take for granted are shown love and appreciation on Christmas. We should always celebrate the gifts of love, compassion, companionship and family on Christmas along with the gift of our savior and his message.

Though through the years Christmas has mainly became a materialistic and commercially dominated holiday it still is the church appointed day to celebrate the birth and gift of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught forgiveness, unconditional love and compassion along with the way of peace. He brought those messages along with the message of salvation to Jew,Gentile,Rich,Poor,Powerful,weak, meek and every living soul on gods green earth.

So Love without condition, forgive without hesitation and follow a path of peace.


Merry Christmas to all

Ray Barbier

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