Lessons Learned and Wisdom Gained: Reflections on 2/19/2011

007-2 Sometimes with age comes wisdom and other times age only brings fear and desperation. The fact of our mortality becomes more prominent in our thoughts as we get older and can be either a thing to fear or something to accept.  When we are young we feel almost invincible and immortal  then we face the fact that we are not when we loose our youth. Death of course is something most of us do fear in one respect or another but it should not be the focus of our life as we grow older. To become fixed of the end day and nothing else will only inhibit your ability to enjoy and live the day you are in presently.

  Live each day with no fear of tomorrow and embrace the blessings that you have received . Try to avoid taking things and people around you for granted for they may not be there later in life. Do not overlook the beauty of the world around you for it is there to remind you of the wonders that life can bring. Even the small flower on the roadside is there to be admired as well as the mountains that tower above the landscape. Forgive those whom have done you wrong and try to do right by all you meet. Enjoy every day god has blessed you with to the fullest without bringing harm to others. Show your love to those you care about and have compassion and understanding towards those in need.

Find your own path in life and dance to your own drum beat, for it is your life and you should enjoy every second of each and every day.


Raymond Barbier

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