You are a Unique and Wonderful Being

003 I have noticed in the human society we tend to set standards for what we consider beautiful , successful  and many other attributes. Most of the standards now days are forced upon us via the visual media such as television and movies. Constantly we are bombarded with images of what we are supposed to look like and how we should behave by the media we watch. This can create a very negative self-image in some people because we all can not be super skinny.

  We need to look within ourselves for the truth about what is beauty and what we see as success and be realistic when setting our own standards instead of trying to reach the unrealistic standards of the media we enjoy, We all can not be super models, business tycoons, inspirational leaders or the perfect friend. We are all different in both our potential and in our creative capabilities. Instead of trying to be something we are not for the sake of being  as good as what we see on t.v. we should try to be ourselves and put our energies in molding ourselves into the best possible version of who we truly are.

Being social creatures we also tend to rely on the judgments and opinions of others to evaluate our self worth instead of relying on our own selves. It may be nice to be liked and appreciated, but to be liked or appreciated for pretending to be someone or something you’re not only leaves you unhappy in the end. There will always be those who do not like you and others that may be jealous of who you are that will try to make your life hard. But there are also a lot of people who will like you for who you really are and will always be there for you through your life.

God made every one of us, so each and every one of us are wonderful and unique. So live your life being the best you can be and worry not of anyone’s opinions for you are a unique and wonderful being.

Well enough of my early morning babbling for today.
Peace and Understanding be you Guide.
Raymond Barbier

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