The power of words and the blogosphere.

agenda_with_glassesThe power of words, the power of the thought behind the words can enact change in one person or even a whole society. In the 1700’s it was the printing press that helped win the American Revolution. In the 60’s it was chants, songs and protest signs. In ancient history it was more the spoken word than written but the words that great philosophers, prophets and political greats helped change the minds of whole societies. Modern times it’s the blogosphere that is the powerful tool for bringing change and educating the general public. It is also the place you can exchange great ideas. Blogging and use of social networks can spread an idea across the globe and reach people unreachable by other means. So my hats off to all the bloggers out there for being a part of a system that is slowly changing the face of our world one post at a time.

Just a few thoughts

Ray Barbier

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3 thoughts on “The power of words and the blogosphere.”

  1. And the downside is the instant rumor–the attributed quote–the Photoshopped picture. I do love reading blogs–journalist, poets, photographers reside here.

    1. Well with any forum there are issues with integrity. I guess thats all part of human nature. We just have to try and weed through all that stuff. I do both photos and several of the Writing styles and try to keep them as original and true as i can but i may have failed form time to time but to err is human. I appreciate all the Likes / Comments that you give and the fact you take time to read my humble little posts. Have a blessed Day.

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