The Battles Ahead will be won

eyeI face many battles ahead of me in this short life God has blessed me with. Some are battles forced upon me by the world I live in, others are battles of my own making through the choices made in my life. Some are battles within the heart others are battles with and within the mind. None of the battles will be easily won, but they will be won through faith and with love.

No other person can fight these battles for me, but I will not stand alone in these battles I face. He is always with me and he that is within me is greater than any enemy I shall face ahead.

I once walked in fear, I once lived in doubt and now I choose to walk in faith and to live in love.

God Bless you all

Ray Barbier.

5 thoughts on “The Battles Ahead will be won”

  1. I did not know you believe in that religion. I am glad you found what you need to move in this life. But i do not subscribe to that belief. Quite frankly i have nothing but disdain and censure for that religion. To me they are as bad as the Taliban. love and light to you ..AND MAY THE GODS BLESS YOU … and forgive you for believing in this …

    1. Appreciate the comment, though a bit bewildered by it. You say I believe in a religion that is as bad as that of the Taliban but you do not specify which religion it is you think I believe in. and this post doesn’t specify my religion other than I believe in God and a peaceful existence.
      And yes my beliefs are Christian based, and I also believe its each persons right to believe as they wish and I do not support the force of a belief system on others.
      I am just a humble man walking a path of peace in search of love and truth.

      Well blessings to you as well
      and thanks again for the comment

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