Random Thoughts 3/15/2022

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One must be awed, amazed and just plain overwhelmed by the courage, strength, fearlessness, and determination of the Ukrainian people. They are in a war/conflict where they are outnumbered, outgunned, and for most people would be considered dire or hopeless. To them, there is hope as long as there is life, something very admirable about people who face such overwhelming odds with such vigor and tenacity.

Does not matter what side you are on in this conflict, you must at least admire the people of Ukraine. They are very amazing people to take on such a big superpower and hold their own as long as they have. I myself support Ukraine, they should be able to decide their own destinies without interference from any nation be they from the east or west. To be honest though, who knows what is propaganda and what is not in this modern world. My trust in news agencies has gone way down in the last 10 years. So my support for Ukraine is less political and more of a Moral and personal opinion than anything else. Human lives are on the line and the right for a nation and people to choose their own destinies is as well.

Photo by Artu016bras Kokorevas on Pexels.com

My message to Putin is, back off and go home. You made your point and got your message out and to the rest involved, give Putin a way out so this senseless war/conflict can come to a close. Peace is the best choice, Peace by diplomacy and sanity and not peace by destruction and death.

China, be the responsible superpower you should be, regardless of your political differences and your close ties to Russia you could be the broker of peace in this situation. We all need to bring this conflict to an end and find some common ground between us all before this escalates into a full-out world war. Because we all know if another world war breaks out someone will eventually make the mistake of using nuclear weapons and that would be the end of humankind as we know it if not total annihilation.

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It kind of confuses me to be honest why the two of the largest nations in landmass would be so concerned about expanding or reclaiming former pieces of land that are small in comparison to their own. They pose little to no threat militarily and their economies though good is not much of a worry to such industrious nations as China or Russia. Work on diplomatic solutions, economic ties, and instead of controlling those areas, befriend them and make this world a safer and happier place for the future children of all nations, including your own.

Democracies, monarchies, dictatorships, communist / Socialist republics alike are forms of government though different they all serve the same basic function. Just because we all govern differently does not mean we can not co-exist. We will, of course, have issues with one another, especially over human rights, but I feel not a single nation out there hasn’t at one point or another failed when it comes to the human rights and treatment of its citizens.

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The demonization of other nations and their political structure only leads to mistrust and conflict, not saying we shouldn’t call out a nation doing wrong, but do it responsibly and with facts only. Leave the opinions, propaganda, and rhetoric at home. People are far more intellectual nowadays than you may realize, the majority of us do see the propaganda, political agendas being pushed through news agencies, and so on.

We quickly point our fingers to the east and say propaganda news, the state ran tv, etc, and forget though our news may be corporate, it is still propaganda to a degree and is being used by both political parties to sway the masses here at home. Disinformation and Psy-ops as they call it is being used I believed in every country to one degree or another. That is The reason so many of us do not trust news sources anymore.

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My point is, don’t always believe what you read or see, think for yourself, and when you do read or watch news and opinions, fact check and tear it all apart to make sure what you are receiving is factual not opinion or political biased propaganda.

Well, it seems once again I have raved on long enough with my random thoughts. Right or wrong they are my opinions of what is going on in this world and my life. They may differ or may be similar to your own. But please think for yourself, don’t take what I say here for anything but what they are, the opinions of an average man.

One thought on “Random Thoughts 3/15/2022”

  1. Reblogged this on Some View on the World and commented:
    You say you are confused by the two of the largest nations in landmass being so concerned about expanding or reclaiming former pieces of land that are small in comparison to their own, but that is part of human’s greed and expansion drift.

    Both Russia and China also live with their ‘grand idea’ of their forefathers who wanted to have one great nation, a so-called communist empire. I say so-called because their forefather did not manage to realise the Marxist or communist thought but became dictators and tyrrans.

    Putin did not make it a secret that he wants to restore the Russian Empire, aka a renewed Soviet Union. For those who are believers in the Divine Creator the Book of books makes it clear what is going to happen when the time is near for a Great Tribulation coming unto mankind.

    Believers in the Elohim Hashem Jehovah look forward with fear but also with hope to those difficult times to come. They also realise that in those coming times, it is up to ordinary people to show their unity to others and to stand up for each other and strengthen each other.

    In Ukraine we see that, against Putin’s expectations, the Russian speakers and the Ukrainian speakers now feel closer to each other than ever before and want to defend their territory with united might and main.

    The blog writer confesses to be confused why the two of the largest nations in landmass would be so concerned about expanding or reclaiming former pieces of land that are small in comparison to their own. Russia and China are good examples of man’s expansion drift and proof of man’s greed and aim for power.

    In the past we have seen those who created such huge empires and for wanting to keep the power over it became dictators who used tyranny to keep the people in control. It had nothing to do with communism or Marxist ideas, but all with dictatorial regimes.
    In those regimes there was and is also no place for truth and as such we can see those leaders twisting the reality and telling many lies. They are masters in deception and use all sorts of fake news and propaganda to mislead their own people but also others, to gain their attention and their believe in them. Others, looking from outside, should therefore be very careful not to step in the trap of those very dangerous individuals.

    By daring to put their actions in the light, people should try to show their real intentions to others in the world. The exposing of the truth in such instances id of utmost importance. Today we have the way of internet, where there is so much rubbish sent into the world, but where there are also messengers trying to show the world what is really going on.

    Let us give attention to those and try to unmask the false figures of the evil world.

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