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Nutritional Value Of A Free Range Egg VS. Caged Hen Eggs

Eggs laid by free-range chickens, who found a ...Just an interesting study on chicken eggs, they state the cholesterol in free range is like 1/2 of that of caged. The free range lives on a diet of grasses and insects vs the caged being fed corn and hormones etc..

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Nutritional Value Of A Free Range Egg VS. Caged Hen Eggs

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The Voice that calls out

009I hear a voice, a voice calling out from the concrete wilderness. A voice warning us of our possible demise, warning that if we don’t wake up we may not have a chance to do so later.  A solitary voice trying to get the message through that we are heading down the wrong path. That the path we follow will most certainly lead us to a very hostile future. A future in which our home mother earth will not be able to support life or the needs of the human race.

I hear the voice calling out to us as I watch us all sleep through the beginning of a future nightmare. It cries out about how the few are leading the many into a dark and dismal future. How greed and lust for power has corrupted the ideals of the people of earth, So few people seem to have so much control over what is and will be. We seem to let those few choose the destiny for all of us without any care or protest. The few that rule and run this world rape the land for wealth and allow children to starve as well as the old to live in poverty. They worry over their own positions and their own agendas but not about the welfare of those they rule over. The very few among them that do care either are ignored or eventually give in to the corruption.

The Voice that calls out from the concrete wilderness call to all of us, those few that rule to change their ways and to the rest of us that seem to be sleeping while our world becomes more violent and unbalanced before us. Hopefully the few will find wisdom and we all wake up to see the truth that is before us. Human beings as a species can achieve some amazing things when we join together as a whole. And I believe it will take a world-wide effort to make the changes needed to save our wonderful blue planet called earth.

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If they are unaware or if they just don’t care

012   Another day has passed and I have done my usual feeding of stray cats at work and have done my daily roadside photography. Thoughts of how people can abandon their animal companions in a parking lot as well as litter the streams, rivers and mountain sides of their beautiful home still disturbs me. So much love those pets had to give and the were thrown away like trash and so much beauty all around and they neglect it as well as abuse it thoughtlessly. No thought of the damage done to the things they abuse and no idea of the wonderful things they have cast a side. I don’t know if they are unaware or if they just don’t care. I really hope they are ignorant of what they do, I would hate to believe such malice could be in the hearts of so many people. At least I do know there are those who try to restore the beauty of the natural wonders around us as well as try to take care of the abandoned pets that roam out streets but there is so much that needs to be done.

For a species capable of such fantastic and wonderful things we still have along way to go when it comes to being responsible for the world around us. If we can send men to the moon and robots to mars, why can’t we take care of our beautiful blue planet and all the animals that live on it. It is time for mankind to grow out its teen years and become mature and wise enough to set the correct priorities. If we take care of our home and all that lives within it then the earth will provide us with what we need in return. Of course if we continue to ignore the problems created by our neglect and abuse of this blue planet we will sooner or later  start paying the price.

God has given us this planet to live on and we should take care of such a wonderful and rare gift so the future generations will have a place of wonder and beauty to enjoy.

Just some Tree Hugging Thoughts For The Day


Raymond Barbier

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Ramblings of a Middle Aged Average Joe

007-2 Social Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and threat of an nuclear meltdown in Japan. Anchovies and sardines dying is the millions in a San Francisco harbor. The honey bee population dwindling and still no explanation as of why they are dying off. Something seems out of balance, change is coming to our world and it isn’t looking too good to me. Change is unavoidable and paying for our neglect / disrespect towards our home plant earth. Greed and lust for power outweighs the welfare of mother earth and those who live on it. The Select or Elite rule our world and care little about anything but their own gain while the masses stand by watching it all fall to pieces before them.

Violence is not the way for change though it is an unfortunate reality in our world. War and violence is a necessary evil at times to keep the balance in our world. Peace, love, understanding and cooperation are the best ways to enact change. Also Truth is a great igniter of change, for knowledge and truth are the building stones for a better world. The fact we all are responsible for this world we live in and we must find better ways to do so. Better ways to generate electricity and an alternative to Oil.

Oil, coal and natural gas will eventually become depleted and the pollution from their use will further damage our environment and also our economy. The world needs to wake up and see the wisdom in both renewable fuel sources and power sources like solar wind and hydro. Our children and grandchildren have to live in this world we leave them, so we should try to leave them with a Ecofriendly and wiser world. The fact that eventually oil sources will become scarce and depleted brings to light we need to have an alternative fuel source to avoid possible wars over the dwindling supply.

There is so much we need to change in the world and in the way we both view and live in it. It is going to take the effort of governments, businesses and the civilian  population to make the changes needed to get our world on the right track. There will have to be some sacrifices in the process but so many benefits will be found along the way. Nothing of great value is ever gained without hard work and sacrifice, Neither does any good deed done go without an award in the end. Even if our labor and sacrifices don’t bring forth fruit until several generations it will still be worth the effort.

The good thing about truth, love, peace, understanding and change is that they all can start in one person.  Just like one seed can grow a orchard if not a forest  , one persons voice can become a nations or even the worlds in time.

Well enough of my tree hugging ramblings for now.
Peace to all

Raymond Barbier

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Algae, A health food, possible fuel source?

100_0063 Algae, A health food, possible fuel source? The many possibilities for algae are yet discovered. A DHA supplement from algal oil had been used in a research project by Kaiser Permanente and have found 1000 mg of algal oil can reduce triglycerides more effectively than a fish oil supplement.

Excerpt from

“DHA alone can lower triglycerides, says study

07/02/2007 – A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition concluded that the American Heart Association’s recommended cardio protective dose of omega-3 fatty acids can lower triglycerides in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) – whether the lipids come in the form of DHA combined with EPA or just DHA alone.

The study, conducted through Kaiser Permanente Colorado, involved 116 patients with coronary artery disease and triglycerides greater than 200 mg/dL, approximately 90 percent of whom were on statin drugs.  The groups of participants were supplemented DHA alone, or DHA combined with EPA.“

For Full Article Visit :

Several Energy companies and government agencies have been studying the possibilities of making Algae fuel.

Excerpt from Wikipedia

Algae fuel is an alternative to fossil fuel and uses algae as its source of natural deposits. Several companies and government agencies are funding efforts to reduce capital and operating costs and make algae fuel production commercially viable.[1] The production of biofuels from algae does not reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), because any CO2 taken out of the atmosphere by the algae is returned when the biofuels are burned. They do however potentially reduce the introduction of new CO2 by displacing fossil hydrocarbon fuels.

High oil prices, competing demands between foods and other biofuel sources, and the world food crisis, have ignited interest in algaculture (farming algae) for making vegetable oil, biodiesel, bioethanol, biogasoline, biomethanol, biobutanol and other biofuels, using land that is not suitable for agriculture.”

For full Wikipedia article visit:

So what other wonders will algae have in store for us in the future? Algae is being used as fertilizer, a nutrient source and for pollution control already. It is a very useful and versatile plant and I expect many more uses will be discovered in the near future.

Well Enough of my babling for now.
Peace to all
Raymond Barbier

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The Voices of the Many and the Few

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...
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  As we sit in our houses and buildings made of stone,brick,wood and steel looking out the windows seeing a concrete jungle surrounding us we miss out on all the wonders of nature and the beauty of this world we live in. Species after species of animal fade into extinction along with their habitats as mankind builds more and more cities. Progress and industry overrides the survival of both man and animal in this modern world we live in. So much we have lost on our journey through civilization and towards modernization. So much is missed and so little saved in the name of progress and conquest.

  The once plentiful forests and bountiful oceans our grandparents enjoyed are slowly becoming diminished and are heading to the point of no recovery. No recovery in mankind’s timeline that is, once our natural resources are gone man will either become extinct by his own hand or will have to venture out into the cold of space in search of a new home. We can however save and or slow the devastation of our home called planet earth. This will of course not be an easy task and many decisions will have to made that may not be the most economical or popular. In the long run the choices will become an economical boom and benefit all that live here on this planet.

  As a precaution maybe mankind should gear up our space exploration and concentrate on finding another inhabitable planet or invest in the technologies that would make it possible to implement terraforming. Space stations are fine for a starting point but to be able to sustain life for any length of time in such an environment would be a hard task due to limited resources available in the emptiness of space. Mankind’s number one priority should be the survival of his race and then the preservation of his home. Though the likeliness of another inhabitable planet in the universe is highly probable, with the lack of technologies to reach such a planet in a human lifespan makes it an unlikely option for the time being.

  The human race is a very inventive and adaptable species so we have a good chance of escaping total extinction if we are wise enough to be aware of such a danger. The biggest obstacle in the way of true human progress is our inability to cooperate with each other for any given length of time. Our difference of beliefs and opinions stands in our way for the most part, The differences we have also make us a very unique and gave us our ability to thrive. So that which makes us strong also can be our worst enemy if we do not learn to cooperate for the common good of our species.

  So the natural world of earth slowly changes and dies as we adapt our environment to suit our liking. We ignore the facts and take no responsibility for the damage we have done nor the consequences that we will have to face. It is this ignorance and arrogance of mankind that may be our undoing. Luckily not all of mankind is blinded by ignorance and arrogance, but unfortunately the ones that are usually are the ones in power. The destination of mankind is in the hands of the people not the few in power. The voices of many will eventually overpower the voices of the few.

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Environment or Independence?

Icon of Wind Turbines
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Today I am going to talk about Green and Renewable Sources of energy and how it is not only about the environment as much it is about fuel and energy independence for the United States. The fact is a major part of our income is spent fueling our cars, trucks, SUVs and other motorized vehicles both commercial and recreational. The fuel is derived from crude oil that we buy mostly from foreign sources and a small percentage is from our own oil reserves along with bio-fuels and or ethanol. Our energy such as electricity is mainly fueled by local sources of fuels but they are both bad for the environment and non renewable. Eventually we will run out of coal, crude oil and even the large deposits of natural gas to fuel our transportation and our power plants. Of course there is Nuclear power but then you have the radioactive waste to consider along with the slight chance of a incident similar to Chernobyl or three mile island etc.

Many avenues are being researched such as bio-fuels derived from algae and the more common corn alcohol ethanol as viable supplements or replacements. Some have ventured into Hydrogen Fuel Cells as a possibility for transportation yet it still is not financially nor environmentally feasible at the current level of technology. Wind and Solar are nice supplemental sources for electricity if there is enough solar exposure and wind speed to generate the power needed. Both those technologies are still quite expensive at this time but are becoming less expensive as the technologies are refined and used. Hydro Power  is one of the more cost effective ideals in generating energy but it does cause some problems for the wildlife that inhabit the rivers and also can increase erosion along with changes the ecology of the surrounding area of the river.

Recently it was brought to my attention that at the University of St. Louis they have created a Fuel Cell that utilizes Sugar to create energy. The main Byproduct is water yet they are still refining the process and at this time they have proven it can recharge maybe a laptop or cell phone using this Bio Fuel Cell. There always seems to be some sort of cost to the creation and utilization of fuels and electricity. We just have to figure out the most efficient and less costly way to both keep the lights on and get us where we need to go. One thing myself would love to see is the glass bottle coming back as the container of choice for water and beverages. Glass is a very recyclable container and we sure don’t have a shortage on sand. Plus to me glass seemed to have no effect on the taste of a beverage when I still can taste the plastic when drinking beverages.

Well enough of my Tree Hugging and American Independence Babbling for Now.
Peace to All  R. Barbier

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Global Warming And The Responsible Approach We Should Choose.

p10156  Global warming seems to be a very complicated issue now days, One scientists will say that man is to blame, one will say that its caused by external forces and the natural warming trend while one scientist will say its all hogwash. I think the scientists think the average Joe is not smart enough to figure it all out on his own. Any person can figure out if you keep pumping smoke and toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and pollute the water sources that eventually there will be some hell to pay. Deforestation and greenhouse gases are changing the ecosphere and there is no way any scientist can deny that. Of course they can spit out different percentiles of mankind’s contribution to this problem from one extreme to the other. The scientists arguments I hear now days on the news and on other programs about global warming kind of reminds me of the scientists that once said tobacco products were not addictive or harmful. Of course these were cigarette company paid scientists and that may have influenced those scientists findings.

  Global warming is a fact and that mankind is playing a role in it is also a fact. The percentage we contribute both directly and indirectly really doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact we are influencing our environment in a defiantly negative way. We need to make changes to how we do things and how we see our home planet earth. The changes will have to be both sustainable and reasonably executed. To stop using coal as a source of energy may have to become a reality just not overnight. We need to phase out the environmentally damaging  industries and make sure we build more eco-friendly alternatives at the same time to keep people in work and the lights on per se.

   Sometimes people do not see the economical damage that a swift shutdown of all environmentally harmful industries could be. We need to be responsible in the change over as much as we need to be in finding feasible solutions to the current problems at hand. To replace the coal power plants with wind, hydro and solar power plants before shutting them down and make sure the green jobs get placed in the coal mining areas to give coal miners jobs as the mines close down is the responsible approach we should choose.

  Coal is not the only fuel source we need to eventually leave behind us, the oil based fossil fuels are also on the list to be dumped eventually as technology allows. Some alternatives such as bio diesel , hydrogen, propane and electric powered vehicles are yet to be perfected but are getting closer each year. Once again this will bring some economical heart ships if we do not do the switch over responsibly. There is always the working man to think about when we make drastic changes in industry and energy. Oil will not be a easy change over since allot of oils byproducts are a part of almost every industry due to plastics, chemicals and even aspirin.

Plastics can be made from plants but far as how versatile the plant based plastics are I myself am not sure as of this post. I do know sun chips is using plant based plastics in their chip bags and besides the noise factor they seem to be just as good as regular plastic based bags. All I know is there should be allot of thought put into the subject of global warming and green technologies.

Well That’s my 2 cents worth anyway.


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