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we become true masters of our own destinies.

002Emotions, our masters or our slaves? Emotional response is both conscious and subconscious, But the conscious mind has the ability to shut down any emotional response we consider inappropriate or unnecessary. Our conscious mind is the part of our mind that mainly interacts with the outside world and is the part of our mind that controls our actions and reactions to external stimuli . The subconscious rarely overrides the conscious unless it’s in a life or death kind of situation, even then the conscious mind can still keep control if it is well-trained and /or disciplined. We can allow our subconscious to control all our emotions and emotional reactions or we can learn to take control of them through the conscious mind. To be a slave to your emotions is to let them control your life, influence your decisions and by doing so you limit your potential as a human being.  We need our emotions, but we need to learn to be  in control of them. Once we learn to control our emotions we become true masters of our own destinies.

Just some Odd thoughts to think about.

Ray Barbier

we are the masters of our own thought, actions, words and emotions

65241To be happy one has to learn not to worry and stress over the things that we can not change. We should only worry over the things we have control over and change them if we are able. The things out of our control are going to be what they are destined to be so no reason to fret or worry over them. Those are the things we leave in the hands of God and have faith that he will take care of them or help us through them. Life is far less complicated than we humans make it out to be. We complicate our lives by over thinking situations and overreacting to circumstances. We should learn to be a little more carefree and definitely a lot less stressed out.  We need to learn happiness or the lack of happiness is all in our own hands. No one but our own selves controls if we are happy or not, it’s all within our own perception and our reaction to reality that makes happiness and/or any other emotion. We choose how we feel in reaction to the circumstances around us, no one else can choose for us how we feel. Others only can throw things at us we tend to react negatively to and from there we choose to be sad, angry, happy or even indifferent.  Though a lot of our reactions to external stimuli are programmed in us from our youth we can change the programming so we react differently. The bottom line is that we are the masters of our own thought, actions, words and emotions and we alone can choose to be happy or not.


Ray Barbier

Discipline of the mind will in turn help discipline the heart and soul.

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We can be slaves to our desires as well as the pleasures we seek. We also can be slaves to our emotions. We can be the master or the slave when it comes to desire, pleasure and emotion. If we choose to be the master over them they serve us and we are at peace and can find inner serenity. But if we choose to be a slave then we are at their mercy and have a very unstable life that usually is chaotic and full of woes. Even the so called positive emotions can be problematic if we allow them to be in control. They tend to cloud our judgment and create a illusionary feeling of happiness that eventually leads to disappointment in the end. Take the emotion love for instance, If you allow yourself to fall in love at the drop of a hat it either causes problems in your current relationship if your in one or it leaves you wanting every person you find remotely attractive, which will also create an uncertainty within you that only leads to loneliness in the end.

I have seen so many times where a guy or girl goes from one love to the next and as soon as they find a new one they are looking for or at another. That kind of life may have some appeal to it but in the end you wind up lonely and misjudged by people around you. Sometimes I think people like that come about from the misconception there is a perfect soul mate out there. A perfect soul mate is not something you find its something that is created after years of work between the partners. Sure there are soul mates, they will not be perfect but they will be what you need and want. They will be your best friend, lover, teacher, student and all around buddy. They will have flaws and will even be annoying at times. That is until you and the soul mate fully discover each other emotionally and spiritually. Then they morph into the perfect soul mate and you will be theirs.

But harmony between mates is hard to obtain if one or both of you are slaves to your emotions, desires or pleasures. You have to somewhat master those things in order to obtain a great life and great relationships. The body, mind and soul all crave balance and discipline, they thrive in that kind of environment. One of the obstacles in the way of being the master of your emotions and desires is the ego. If a persons ego is too big it hinders all positive progress of the mind and spirit which in turn will cause stress on the body. Self discipline is a very important key to ones spiritual, mental and physical health. The imbalance and lack of discipline in any of the three will affect the other two.The body, mind and spirit are always talked about like they are three separate things, they may be but they are like one for one always affect the other two They are all interconnected and because those three are like one is why we are the unique species we are.

For those who are in a relationship and still seek your soul mate just know the one your with more than likely is the one. You and your mate must work together and communicate with each other so that you can be the perfect soul mates for each other. Forgiveness, compromise and compassion is required in all relationships and most important is the need for unconditional love. Far as being the master or the slave of your emotions and desires, you know which path is the better of the two and you are the only one who can take control of them. Discipline of the mind will in turn help discipline the heart and soul, which will lead to the mastery of your emotions.

Love unconditionally but do not throw you love away on those who will never return it.
Have compassion for all living things and do not forget to have a little self compassion as well.

Raymond Barbier

We should embrace them but only for the moment they exist.

097 Truth can be com from the mouths of babes, fools, your allies as well as the mouths of your enemies. Wisdom can be found in observation of all things around you and within you.  Emotions such as anger, fear, self-pity and arrogance seem to cloud ones mind from truth and wisdom as well as shut down the logical part of the mind. Rarely does one find truth or wisdom while experiencing the negative emotions. Too much of a positive emotion also can distract one from the truth around them. We should avoid negative emotions and thoughts as much as we can but we also should keep all emotions tempered for too much of a good thing can be bad. I am not saying don’t be happy, I am just saying don’t allow your happiness to distract you from your life path. Strange thing about emotions both the negative and positive is they can be like drugs, they can become addictive. This would cause our focus to be on the emotion we seek and not on the path we walk. Emotions are good and have many purposes that they fulfill in our lives, we should embrace them but only for the moment they exist. We should never allow ourselves to become obsessed with or addicted to them.

“If the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence, Then you must have not cared for your own lawn.”

Raymond Barbier
A fool seeking to be a sage

Not even happiness can exist indefinitely


Emotions, friend or foe to the modem man? Both, for without emotions we would be nothing but uninspired automatons. Each emotion serves a purpose and some emotions serve several functions. Fear is meant to protect our physical body by directing us away from things that endanger our well-being. Anger serves as a protector emotion by putting us in fight mode when there is either no escape or we feel secure enough to fight. Happiness is an emotion that inspires us to be creative and social so we can grow culturally as well as socially. Sadness keeps us rooted in reality, it reminds us that loss is a part of life as well as the constant reminder of our mortality. Even jealousy can serve a good purpose, for it shows that we cherish our mate when it is over a person and inspires us to work harder so we can better our life when it is jealousy over possessions. Each one of these emotions can either serve us in a positive or negative fashion and which way it does is based on our ability to control them.

Since emotions are a necessary part of our physical experience they should never be shut off or suppressed. The negative aspects of our emotions will exist and even though we can not turn them off we can learn to make them short-lived as well as temper their impact on both ourselves and others. They must be expressed and allowed to come to fruition but they can be channeled into a less destructive way of expression. Surprising them are an unhealthy way to control them and causes a lot of physical side effects that can create an unhealthy body. This is one of the most common ways people get high stress levels, and that in turn creates health problems such as high blood pressure and mental problems such as depression and even nervous breakdowns in the long run. One way to express the negative emotions with little impact on others is to write a journal or log and express them through writing. This gives them an outlet but restricts the negative effects. Express them and then let them go, for no emotion is meant to be permanent. Not even happiness can exist indefinitely, though it would be nice to be in permanent euphoria but it would be unproductive and probably would be troublesome down the line.

Seize the moment, Leave the past and hope for the future.
Raymond Barbier

We can not allow fear to be what leads us into the future.

003  Fear controls this world, fear of recession, fear of war, fear of famine, fear of Armageddon and fear of the unknown. Too much fear is pushed via the news and by even the politicians. We can not allow fear to be what leads us into the future or let it be what rules us in the present. For fear clouds our ability to make decisions and keeps us from fulfilling our potential both as individuals and a species. As a Politician once said there is nothing to fear but fear itself and I believe fear is a tool that many people in power use to try to control the populace. We must face the fear and put it in its place before it devours us and creates a world that is chaotic.

Fear has started many of wars, it has created mass hysteria such as the War of The Worlds episode done by Orson Wells. Fear is even a greater enemy to mankind than anger and or greed. Fear can destroy just one person as well as a whole society of it goes unchecked. The shame is most fear is created by either misinformation or the lack of understanding. Even though our modern society has become desensitized to many things both good and bad we still seem so ready to embrace fear. Though fear has its place it is seems to be running wildly through the world. Look how easy the stock market is effected by negative outlooks and reports.

This is not the time for fear but the time for hope and for coming up with solutions. We just need to learn to either control our fear or to put it behind us for the good of mankind. Fear is the enemy of progress and the stumbling block of humanity.


Well that’s my 2 cents worth.
Though I could be either wrong or right, I have no fear in expressing my thoughts.

Raymond Barbier