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A flame that consumes all the positivity within you

009 Acceptance of who and what you are is the first step to improving your outlook on life. If you are at war with who and what you are constantly then you will never find happiness or peace in your life. The things that you dislike about yourself can be removed, tamed or changed into something positive or at least acceptable. Those negative thoughts about yourself and others is like a flame that consumes all the positivity within you. There is no reason to hold on to negativity nor is there a reason not to be more positive. Forgive those whom have hurt you, forgive yourself for the hurt you’ve caused both yourself and others. Learn not to repeat the mistakes of the past and avoid those people who cause you pain. Don’t hate them or hold a grudge just be smart enough to avoid them as much as possible. Find those who are supportive, kind and bring light into your life and avoid those who suck the happiness and positivity out of you.

You must learn to be a positive force in life, you can not allow the negativity of others to influence you and you can not allow the negativity within you to gain control. You are the one in charge and you can choose to be happy, positive and content with life or you can choose to be negative and unhappy. Be someone who you would love to be with, be someone who you would be proud of and learn to love yourself and others unconditionally.

You are the master of your emotions, thoughts and actions. No one can make the choice of how you feel, what you think or what action you take but yourself.

Ray Barbier

Send positivity back to the source


Negativity, something we all must face from sources both inward and externally. How does one deal with negativity? I know of only three ways of dealing with negativity either you absorb it , avoid it or try to convert it to positivity. Absorbing it or internalizing it causes too much stress on one’s body and mind, avoiding it which is my first choice usually is a very hard thing to do. Converting it is  to temporarily absorb it and to convert it into positivity in the hopes of returning the positivity to the one who sent the negativity. The third choice is not easy to master and takes quite a bit of effort but in the end is the best choice. Not only do you rid yourself of the negativity but you send positivity back to the source which will dilute the negativity remaining in it.  Also I notice if you are very positive minded and charged it seems to repel a lot of negativity and usually attracts more positive people. There of course is always a few negative people who charge straight at the positive, they seem to find some kind of enjoyment out of causing others to suffer along with them. I guess the old saying is true “Suffering Loves Company”…

I am but a student of life and am still in search of better ways to face the problems of modern life as well as the human dilemma. I share what I find and hope to learn more as I go and grow. I never claim I know the only answer or even the right answer, I just relay what I have found to work and so far has proven to be true. For I am only a fool seeking to be a sage who looks for fellow travelers along the way.


Peace and Love to all

Raymond Barbier