Those who could really make a difference

023 Is another Renaissance period upon us? Seems we are in need of a great change in our cultures as well as in our method of thinking. I think it would be a great thing to have the resurgence of the interest in the arts and sciences once again. Definitely we need a change in our world, too much imbalance of wealth and power. I am all for people making profits as long as they do it both responsibly and with some morality mixed in. Seems way to much power has been given to the few and not enough to those who could really make a difference. So many voices unheard and ideas left unexplored by those in power. The creative, imaginative and honest common people are usually ignored or looked upon as just as the taxpayers whom they need to pacify. For some reason many governments think the lower middle class and the poor are nothing more than the piggy bank for as taxes go. The rich get all the tax breaks and usually a lower tax rate while those struggling to make ends meet pay the highest tax rate possible. So much inequality in our present era and that is a sign that change is not only needed but is on the horizon.


Across the globe we are seeing the oppressed rising up to challenge their oppressive governments and even forcing a regime change in some cases. Unfortunately they become targets for violent crack downs in an attempt to squash the protests and civil unrest. So it seems change is already in motion, peaceful change it the right path but it seems sometimes those in charge force it to become violent. In a democratic republic such as The United States it will be a more peaceful change though there will be a lot of protests and probably confrontations between police and protestors but nothing on a grand scale. We have already experienced some of the confrontations with the Occupy movement across the U.S.


The demand for change by the working and lower class is the first sign of cultural change and it also shows that our mindset as people is changing along with the world. It is all going to take time to get the world to change and patience is something we all must have. Change brought about by a peaceful means usually is a long-lasting change unlike that brought by conflict which usually lasts until a new conflict arises. Time for change for the status quo is no longer acceptable to the working class, the backbone of the world’s economy.

With a fair and balanced solution

The western front of the United States Capitol...

A Indecisive and argumentative congress along with all the political rhetoric is creating problems all across the board. The inability of our congress to come to a reasonable and balanced decision on how to balance the budget is effecting not only the credit ratings of The U.S. it is also effecting the stock market and the national economical growth. Our Congress needs to put aside political ideologies and get over the fear of making unpopular decisions so they can concentrate on the problems at hand. It will probably take a combination of spending cuts and the increasing of tax revenues to bail our selves out of this financial hole our government is in. Warren Buffet even made a statement supporting the idea of taxing the extremely rich (those who have earnings above 1 million dollars a year).

In the end it always comes down to the middle class as the ones to carry the largest part of the burden financially when it comes to stabilizing the economy and in paying taxes. Even though the tax increases might be focused on the rich it usually trickles down to the middle class consumer and worker in one form or another. This is a sad fact of the reality of capitalism and our nations financial system.  To be honest being a lower middle class person myself I do not mind a slight tax increase in order to keep the entitlements such as social security and Medicaid / Medicare alive for our seniors. There is a few things we can do as Americans to help get our country back on track, things such as buying saving bonds, treasury bills and investing in the stock market. The Congress needs to grow up and face reality as well as put aside their political differences to get the job done when it comes to our national debt.

Buying U.S. T-bills is a very patriotic and sound investment. By buying T-Bills you are buying up American debt, this takes away from the debt that other countries own and helps finance our own government. To be honest I know our country is going to be debt for a very long time and I would rather the debt be owned by fellow Americans than any other nation. If we are going to look to the federal government to take care of all the woes and needs of our great nation we have the responsibility to help finance such measures. Like it or not any governmental intervention, subsidy and or entitlement has a price tag attached to it. We can not expect great things without having a some sort of price attached. So we either need to cut the fat and have less help from our federal government or we have to pay higher taxes in order to maintain the programs in place. The option of doing a little of both is also possible but it seems that our government is too caught up in their politics to be able to come up with a fair and balanced solution.


Well that is my two cents worth on the economy and what is going on today.
Wrong or right, It is here for all to see.


Peace and Love to All
Raymond Barbier