Problems with Sentry Pro XFC flea and tick medication

Several Weeks ago I applied Sentry Pro XFC on my dog Jake and by the next day he was chewing himself allot along with acting very nervous. by that night he also started dry heaving. After searching the Internet I saw that this has been a very common and dangerous reaction to the Flea & Tick medication I had applied. Luckily Jake did not suffer the kidney failure or extended stomach from the dry heaving.

The Blog that I have found allot of good advice in dealing with this problem is

I suggest going there but I also Suggest calling your vet also.

29 thoughts on “Problems with Sentry Pro XFC flea and tick medication”

  1. All I have to say, is do NOT use Sentry Pro XFC… it is hazardous and deadly to your pet. I used it, as directed, and within the hour, my poor little girl was having trouble breathing and running frantic around the house, yelping and screaming and trying to get the flea medication off of her. I washed her off, but it did no good and we had to take an emergency trip to the ER doctor, where they told me if I had brought her in 20 minutes later, she would have gone into seizures and possibly cardiac arrest. She ended up with burnt flesh from the Sentry Pro XFC, an inconsolable amount of pain, and a $500.00 vet bill. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try to save money on treatments for your dog. You will only end up spending more when they end up being hazardous materials.

    1. I also used the sentrypro XFC on my Boston Terrier and about an hour later he started to puke and pee at the same time! I called the 800# and they told me to wash him with liquid Dawn dish soap. I did and still no good result! He now has a rash all over his belly and today it traveled up to his neck and under his arnpits! I am so mad about this product!!!

  2. I had 2 dogs who both were sickened by this product. This has been batted around for a long time, people have complained to Sergeant’s, the fed regulatory agencies, consumer protection groups, animal rights groups, the pet stores, some of us (like myself) have presented it to class action attorneys…..ALL to no avail. This company apparently doesn’t care and continues to act with impunity. They know the product is a problem, their reps that answer their toll free numbers have even acknowledged that they receive “many phone calls every day” about this product. They obviously don’t care. This forum has been a great help in uniting all of us. I got the thought that we should have a way to show this company in force that we will not be shushed up and ignored. I decided maybe we can petition them if we get enough signatures to pull this product. If we get a good response we can also petition the major pet stores to pull it as well. So, I figured I would try….I lost one dog and still have the other who has a perpetual skin condition now. I stated this online petition and ask that ALL of you add your voice to it, sign it and we’ll see where it goes. To the extent that I can control it I will not share you email address with anyone. Many thanks to all of you who choose to participate.

    Here is the link to the online petition:


    1. I also used this terrible product on my Boston Terrier and he has Not been the same for 3 days now! His rash has gotten much worse and he has uncontrolled body movements! I bathed him now 4 times and all he wants to do is hide under my bed! (he Never does this) I am more than angry about this product!!!

  4. We put sentry-pro xfc on our pugs….one of them has been panting not sleeping scratching the area were we applied this medication, I have called the 800 # and bathed him in dawn dishwashing liquid and have applied vitamin E as they have suggested…nothing helps him…he has sores now where he has scratched himself so much…i dont know what to do to help him. He is suffering…please someone suggest something I can do now…I am taking him to the vet monday if i am able to get off work…in the meantime there must be something i can do for him

  5. I ues the K9 Advantix on my dog. He started to itch by his armpits a lot. He is starting to get like little bumps like bug bites on his front legs and inside his back legs. Is this from the K9 Advantix or is it something else. Do I bring him to the vets or wait.

  6. I had the a bad experience with Sentry Pro Fx. My Shitzu reacted by panting all night and had to be taken to the emergency vet. After a benedryl injection and a bath with dish washing soap he calmed down a little. I did call the 800 # on the package and complained bitterly and although it took 6 weeks they did reimburse all expenses incured. My dog is doing fine now,but it took about 4 days for all the poison to get out of his system. I am never using any of their products again!!

  7. My mother put sentery pro xfc on our 11 yr old dalmation. Her skin started twitching, and she started panting heavily. I gave the dog a bath the next day and she was still having problems. We took her to the vet and they gave her a steroid shot and put her on prednisolone for 5 days. Her skin is still very itchy and she keeps shaking her ears….How long is this going to last?…………SENTURY PRO NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET…..AND THEY NEED TO REIMBURSE EVERYONE FOR ALL THE VET BILLS THEY ARE CREATING…,.,,,,,,

  8. We have a pit bull, an old english sheep dog and a greyhound which we applied Sentry Pro XFC flea and tic medication to all at the same time. I didn’t realize this product is different from similar flea and tic medications in that it should only be placed in the area from between the should blades ONLY to the middle of their backs as opposed to all the way down to the base of their tails. I suppose this is so they do not lick and ingest it. At first the greyhound started gaging from licking it, so I assumed it just tasted awful and guess the other two dogs would eventually do the same. I administered it to them all at about 4 in the afternoon. By 9:30 the greyhound was fine, but our sheep dog was dry heaving and coughing something terrible. I could tell he was very uncomfortable because he started panting horribly and began to jump up like he was being bitten by something and then scratching non stop. I had just given him a bath the day befoe so I knew they did not have any fleas on him before I applied it and therefore knew it was not bugs biting him. If I had to guess I would say it must have been an itching burning feeling to him. Eventually I gave him a bath using baby shampoo, but only from his neck down. I didn’t wash his head so as not to distress him any more. Still gaging and retching. I threw him back in the tub and did the fur around his mouth very thoroughly thinking it was there from him chewing the areas it had been applied. I gave him liquid benedryl and fed him a bunch of orange sherbet to hoping to clean his pallet. His panting a drooling only seemed to get worse and it appeared that his stomach began to balloon up. At the same time our pit bull began vomiting and shaking like she was wet as well as scratching the medicated areas and a swelling stomach. She vomited 7 times within a half an hour. At this point I was really scared and took them both to the pet hospital. I have been out of work for a year and very tight on cash and bad credit because of losing my job. We talked to the receptionist there who told us we could fill out some applications for some kind of payment plan and to at least let the doctor look at them and maybe wash them off with Dawn dish washing liquid. By this time they seemed to stabilize on the ride up, so I decided to wait a little while outside and walk them around to see if they continued to get better, which they did. We eventually decided to take them home to keep an eye on them, which is what I am doing now. Our dogs are as important to us as any other member of our family. We have no kids and they are our family. I will never use this product again and will notify the Pet Smart I purchased it from as well as sign the petition at the link above in addition to bringing it to the attention of any other dog owners I know.

  9. I won’t bore you with another Sentry Pro (my ass) horror story. Needless to say, I have one. So far my dachshunds are still alive, but probably permanently damaged. Sure, I’ll sign a petition, I’ll also sue the feces out of them! Class Action. I’m thinking of buying and building a website to help warn other pet owners. It’s Halloween, I guess I got my trick. I’d like to squeeze this Sentry Pro poison down some CEO’s backs!

  10. I too have a furry family member who suffered at the hands of SentryPro XFC. I tried to wash the product off after several hours of applying it when her symptoms began, but she still suffers, now almost four days later, after a vet visit and a vet emergency room visit. Shame on Sentry and the pet stores promoting this poison. I will never use a product on her again without researching it on the internet first. Of course after the fact I have discovered over 500 cases of the same problems. Why is it still on the shelves?

  11. Why is this still on the shelf? I am going to sue Sentry for my vet bill and suffering! I have to take my dog to the vet on Monday hopfully he will recover I am feeling very guilty for ever using this crap!

  12. This stuff should be taken off the market. My dogs are my kids and this past weekend was horrible. I put this on both of my Shih Tsu’s and they were both affected. The smallest one has been having tremors and twitching, biting at her hind leg like she’s being bitten, barking for no reason, and hasn’t slept in almost 2 days. I had to leave her with my mom while I came to work today because I was too afraid to leave her alone. I have stayed awake with her the past 2 nights, sleeping in the 20-30 minute spurts she’s lucky enough to get. My mom actually picked this product up for me because she thought since Petsmart carried it it must be ok. She feels so guilty – BUT it should be the ppl that sell this CRAP that feels bad!!! Why is something like this on the market. Luckily my other dog isn’t as bad, just seems tired, but there are so many bad reports of this on-line someone should have done something by now. I am praying the affects are not permanent.

  13. Well it is sad to see after all this time they still haven’t addressed the issue on this. Most of us have been lucky enough not to have our pets die. It finaly did get the attention of the media a while back

    And they even posted a comment on drfaulkins blog

    and tried to say we didnt read the directions.

    Come to find out there is a few flea and tick medications out there that have problems you can check out this site too

    If it was humans who was suffering this stuff would be recalled.

    God bless and hope all your pets are doing well

    Raymond Barbier

  14. a class action law firm to try

    and here is a copy of a comment from drfualkins blog that contains good info

    Stacey says:

    September 7th, 2009 at 12:03 am |
    .Just wanted to get all the info in one place to save everyone else from re-reading all the horror stories again to find it (unless it fires you up even more to do something):

    the hotline at 800-224-7387

    Bob Scharf, CEO/President of Sergeant’s at (402) 938-7000 ext. 7039

    Sign a petition:

    the Consumer Affairs Site!!!

    Additional research:
    * To report problems with spot-on (topical) flea or tick products, contact the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) at 1-800-858-7378;
    * To report problems with flea or tick drug products, contact the Food and Drug Administration’s Consumer Complaint Coordinator for your area:;
    * If your pet needs immediate medical care, call your local veterinarian, a local animal emergency clinic. Pet owners can also contact the Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435. The Center charges a fee for consultation;
    * Check the EPA’s Web site for updates on any action the agency takes regarding topical flea and tick products:

    Read more:

  15. Stay away from this product. The fine folks at the emergency phone number try to act like it’s no problem and that a simple wash with a mild dishwashing detergent and a little vitamin E will solve all issues. They also state that it may take up to 24 hours before your pet returns to “normal”. My pet was normal before using this crap, but is now in constant pain, panting, and not at all like he was before the application.

    I will be more than happy to join in a class action suit. I also intend to visit our vet and then insist that Sergeant pay for the expenses.

    Get this product off of the market now!

  16. I used Sargeant’s Sentry Pro XFC on my 1.5 year old dog. I used the appropriate product for dogs 9-20lbs. I followed the application directions on the box. Within less than a half hour my dog began behaving strangely. She kept biting at the air, she started having seizures, scratching incessantly, had trouble walking, her eyes were watery, and she was whimpering like I had never heard her before. I searched the product box and the inside leaflet for any possible side-effects but there was nothing. My vet was closed so I went on-line and found that there many other similar cases associated with this product. I immediately gave my dog a bath to wash off the product but found this didn’t help much. I called the 800 phone number on the box only to be told by a representative that I should give my dog a bath and that she would be ok. I gave my dog another bath with dishwashing soap but that didn’t help either. I called her vet the next day but there was nothing they could give her for relief. She has not slept for three nights for the twitching, scratching, air-biting, moaning and crying, and from whatever other discomfort/pain she may be feeling. After 8 baths in four days the symptoms have decreased in severity but they still remain. Please do not use this product on your pet.

  17. We used this product about 2 months ago. HUGE MISTAKE! Our dachshund was having issues lifting his head and he was whining and crying almost constantly. We took him to the vet who said he had a lot of swelling in his neck. They did some kind of laser therapy and gave him an injection for pain. He did fine that day but the next day was back to the same constant crying. I feel awful for him and don’t know wha to do. The vet said give it time. The swelling subsided as has the crying but the past few weeks the dog has been having issues walking. It seems he cant cotrol his front legs. Prior to using the evil product he’d been in fine health. In fact, vets always commented how well he was for the type of dog he is; always said he had no problems with his back though it’s a common issue for dachshunds.

    The vet we went to said he couldn’t comment on whether or not the flea medication had caused any of the problems because he didnt have experience with it, but what else could it be? A dog that was in perfect health prior to usage suddenly has all of these issues? It only makes sense that the product caused his problems. I’m terrified that since it was used 2 months ago he’s going to be in pain for the rest of his life. Our dogs are part of the family!

    We’ve called the company and they’ve send forms in the mail for us to fill out and send the vet bills in with. It says their people will go over it all to see if we have a vaild claim that should be reimbursed. I dont give a damn about being reimbursed for the vet bill at this point. I want my dog to be happy, healthy and functioning again.

  18. I went through the same thing with my dog and I’m sick over it. I essentially poisoned my dog trying to relieve his suffering. I chose this product because of the weight and age parameters. Thank God I only applied half the dose because of my hesitation. I really think he would have died with the recommended dose.In any case he would have suffered so much more. I am grateful that this website is getting the word out.Iplan on calling and writing Sentry and Petco, where I purchased this product. I doubt I’ll get any better response than the rest of you; and I plan to boycott Sentry products and Petco stores due to their callous and cold attitudes. I urge others to do the same. Let’s get the word out via facebook,twitter, and any other means possible. We need to speak the same language as these companies, and that is THEIR BOTTOM LINE. Obviously, a few dollars is more important than stopping the horrible suffering our pets have to endure.

  19. My dog seems to be doing fine after a few days of these same symptoms, and I.m praying for those of you who are still waiting for your pets to recover. Who knows what long term effects this poison will have on our pets? It’s hard to believe these companies are still selling this. How many pets could have been spared untold suffering and even death if they would have pulled this product off the shelves when they first became aware of the problem? They probably decided that would be admitting guilt, and chose to poison more animals instead.

  20. my name is melinda my dog is my love .after giveing him is poison i thought is going to die . i am parying that he wont die .his all ways been so happy go luky.i dont what to do. please some help me.i am scard for his life i dont know what to expect .could please give me some advice .i am afraid.that my dogis going to die . what can i do . i feel so helpless i can feel his pain but i dont konw what to do please some one help me.

  21. never never never use Sentry flea & tick…..last night I treated my 3 cats and dog with sentry flea and tick treatment and all of them got very ill within an hour from one degree or another. my orange cat was throwing up and pooping all over her self at the same time. coco my dog was trowing up and could hardly move, my white cat was trowing up and dizzy and the black cat throwing up and could not walk. the cats were so weak that when I bathed them to get the sentry off they did not put up a fight. (no one should be able to bath cats) I had to carry my dog to the bathroom she could not lift her body off the bed. they are doing o.k. now after a long night. Just keep it in mind. if your need to treat you pets for fleas go to your vet. or never ever use sentry flea and tick

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