Its basically a tug of war between your fear and your hopes and dreams.

  Deep within me is strength that is longing to surface and a fear that blocks its way. Am I afraid that I may succeed and make something out of myself? Or is it I am afraid that I am not strong enough to turn this life around and make it into something I would be proud of? The real question is there anything really to fear in letting that strength to take its place in my life.

I know I am not the only one who faces these kind of fears and that there are many out there that are not living up to their potential due to such fears. A quote from a interesting movie always comes to mind when I deal with fear, it is from Dune and the quote is as follows “Fear is the Mind Killer”…  Fear stops one from thinking logically usually and prohibits one from moving on and changing his or her destiny.

Fear stops all of us from improving our life and keeps us from venturing out of our comfort zone. Yes my comfort zone is nice, but it isn’t where I want to be all of my life. Just like everyone else on this planet I want a good job and a family I can love and be a part of. Also though I face my short comings  and fear of failure like allot of other people in the world.

Its basically a tug of war between your fear and your hopes and dreams. Which do you want to win? I know which side I prefer… So guess its time to face the fear so I can let my life become all it can and is supposed to be.

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