Acceptance, Self-Esteem and Happiness

   We go through life either seeking acceptance from our peers or rebelling against the mass ideology. Most seek acceptance by their peers and do so to try and find self acceptance. By nature we crave to belong to the groups around us. We somehow transform being accepted by society into self-esteem. Remember the phrase “You can not love others until you learn to love yourself”? Well it has a ring of truth, if one can accept who and what they are how are they to expect others to do the same? To rely on approvals and praises of others to fuel you happiness is only a path that will make you depressed and lost. One should find peace with whom they are for you are responsible for your own happiness.

  This is not to say others can not enhance your happiness and help you along the way it is merely stating that unless you find happiness in who and what you are then you will never truly be happy. One thing one must remember is that each and every one of us are human and prone to make mistakes and to be full of faults of one type or another. So not one person is greater than the other, just one may have different faults and have made different or less mistakes. Learn to forgive the mistakes you have made along with the mistakes of others and learn from them all. The mistakes you make are nothing more than a learning process everyone must go through. For as the faults we all have they are there for us to overcome and to learn by as well.

  The more I accept myself for who and what I am the less i care about what others think or feel about me. This is because I realize that what others think or feel is not in my control and has no bearing on who and what I am. Though I still care about everyone in my life I also have found I now care about myself as well.

Verum Peto

“ Love one another and love yourself for who you are and who you will eventually become. “ 

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