The Mind, Body and Soul

We are born into the physical world where there are rules governing the physical universe and our physical existence. While we grow in age our knowledge and wisdom increases but so does our bond to the physical world around us. We tend to get tunnel vision and forget there is more there than what we can touch, see and perceive. When we are young our imagination is wild and we are more in tune with our spiritual self. As we age we seem to become more materialistic and slowly neglect if not deny our spiritual self. This causes a imbalance within our existence which can cause mental and physical ailment. The Mind, Body and Soul are in a symbiotic relationship if one is neglected it causes another to suffer in one way or another. The Soul is the nurturer and the creative force in ones life and the mind is the problem solver along with the communication center for the body. The body is merely the vehicle and tool to interact with the physical universe. All three are very important and all necessary to exist in the physical universe.

Verum Peto

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