Modern life and fight or flee mode.

Sometimes the world around us seems to consume that which is our true essence and nature.
The daily grind of managing the tasks at work and the constant attention required to maintain the
relationships both at work and at home. Our focus becomes diffused and randomly placed in the
modern world. Stress ensues as we try to juggle all the tasks we have in daily life and we seem to
forget about actually living. The modern life we lead keeps us so busy that we never have time to be
who we really are. We get stuck in the fight or flee mode and never have the time to rest or to be
self aware. We also start having tunnel vision which makes us unaware of all the wonderful things
going on around us every day.

We are not meant to be in fight or flee mode all the time, that mode was created in our subconscious to
protect us in time of danger, not as a way of life. Besides the fact being stuck in that mode can cause
stress it also leads some people into depression and also causes some people to have a hard time
focusing on tasks before them. Our bodies and minds try to get things in balance by looking for ways to
escape from reality, unfortunately some of us choose alcohol and or drugs as the escape with and when
abused can cause more harm than good.

We all need a little escape from reality in order to put the mind in another mode besides fight or flee.
Some ways of escaping are and can be, Walking, jogging, exercise, weight lifting, reading, writing,
yoga, meditation, tai chi and many more. Each of these ways have their benefits to the body and mind
in one way or another. Which way is best is more of a personal choice due to we are all different and
my find one way more relaxing and beneficial than another.

Verum Peto

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