Count your Blessings and forget your curses

Sometimes we go through parts of our life where we seem to forget how important those around us are to us or we tend to neglect letting them know we do appreciate them and love them. We get so caught up in our own battles and dilemmas to the point of becoming self absorbed, This of course is never intentional but is a unfortunate side effect of our modern world. The lack of time to spend at home and with friends makes what little time we do spend with them very low quality. Our busy schedules have us pinning our own time against the time we share with others so to keep us in a self absorbed state. Sometimes we just need to stop and look around us and reevaluate our priorities and our goals. Family should be a higher priority than work or friends, Then we should balance the rest of priorities with work and friends etc..  We should find a healthier balance between work,friends and alone time so as not to neglect one or the other.

We should always take a moment each day to remind ourselves about the great things we are blessed with and to show our appreciation to those who enrich our lives. Count your blessings and forget your curses is my philosophy. Though a very hard rule to follow but it sure makes more sense to focus on the good thing than to worry to death about the bad.

Verum Peto

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