Random Thoughts on Self

Why is it seem we always look to others to validate ourselves and to feel worthy? The only opinion we can change and or maintain is our own. Our self worth is based on our own self realization and therefore the opinions of others though useful is of no concern to our self identity. It nice to have others like you and appreciate who and what you are but it is wrong to base your self image on the perceptions of others.Advice from others and their opinions can help one see flaws and talents that they were not aware of. But only you yourself can know the true inner self and what causes are behind your flaws or talents etc. Not everyone is going to like you and not many will ever truly understand you.

Each of us are unique individuals with our own experiences in life. No one person is the same nor are we all so different we can not find understanding. Seek to know the real and unadulterated you and accept yourself for who and what you are. Their is no one who is better or worse than you just others who have different faults and gifts. We all have to go through trials and triumphs in our lives and not everyone can be the lead actor/actress in the play we call life.  Just remember there is no such thing as small part just small actors/actresses.


Until Next Time
Peace – Verum Peto

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