Self Deception

Self Deception is common in most people in one way or another we lie to ourselves in order to either avoid hurt or to induce a false sense of happiness, peace and so on. Some self deception is a auto defense response from the brain to protect us from severe mental and emotional damage during a traumatic event. This type of self deception is healthy up to a point. Eventually one must face what had happened in order to move on. This type of self deception gives the person a buffer zone in order to face and deal with the traumatic event. If this type of self deception remains for too long of time then it can be a barrier from ever moving forward with ones life and is quite unhealthy.

Then there is the self deception that one creates to avoid responsibility for their actions and the mistakes they have made.  Though this self deception may make you to feel guilt free and innocent but that is too a deception in its self. Regardless of how one tries to avoid the guilt it is there deep within you subconscious and it has significant influence on your behavior and thought processes.  You must always face your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions so you can learn what and what not to do in life. The guilt you feel will remind you to not repeat the mistake/action again and once you accept the blame for it then you must find forgiveness for yourself. Its all part of life to make mistakes and to make wrong choices, So don’t be too hard on yourself. Forgive yourself for the mistakes but remember the lessons. 

Do not deceive yourself or others and you shall find truth. Take responsibility for your actions and you will make less mistakes.

Verum Peto

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