A Great Roadblock to Happiness

  Live every day like it is the last, treat each person as a friend and forgive your enemies as if they were close family. Anger just consumes its source, Most people who stay angry and bitter usually suffer from high blood pressure and even high cholesterol some of the times. Anger eats away at your personality and takes away the time that you could be happy and the energy that you could be putting towards a better life. Forgiveness is the key to a healthier and happier you, Not only forgive others for their mistakes but also learn to forgive yourself. Self forgiveness allows you to free your mind from guilt, anger and fear. Those things tend to put allot of stress on the body and the mind.

  We all are humans (except for you Extra Terrestrials out there) and thus so we are prone to make mistakes sometimes even make the same one several times. Being prone to mistakes and designed to learn from them the human race has came along way since we first appeared on this planet. If it wasn’t for allot of the mistakes made by humans in the past we wouldn’t have made it this far. Some mistakes have brought us cures for diseases and technologies that may have never been found or at least would have taken us much longer to discover.

The point is that your mistakes can be more beneficial than they are troublesome. And mistakes are a natural fact of being a human. So why beat your self up over the mistakes you made or hate someone else for the same reason. That is Counterproductive and is also a great roadblock to both your happiness and the happiness of those around you. So learn to forgive yourself and others while trying to be a compassionate person. Learn from your mistakes and build on the lessons  that you have learned.

For wisdom is the knowledge you’ve gained from the lessons you have learned in your life.


Verum Peto

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