Time for green

   With the BP oil disaster being in the headlines and the gulf being filled with oil that green and renewable energy sources is the most important issue for the present governments of the world.
Such oil spills are ecological nightmares. So many sea creatures and sea plants are effected. I know in the modern world we live in we rely on oil and the products derived from oil quite heavily but we need newer and more sustainable sources of energy. We have the technology to explore mars and build the international space station but yet we still cant find a way to replace our dependency on oil. Seems we could either improve the efficiency of solar panels and other green technologies along with lowering their cost to make them a bit more affordable. At least the car companies are trying to go somewhat green though i still doubt they are putting as much effort as they should into the idea.

  The time is now President Obama, Be the Green President and show the world that the united states once again can lead the way into the future. Just think if our country invested into green renewable energies and was able to break our dependency on foreign oil, how much money would stay here in the country and help our economy and job market. It is really a win win situation for us though the middle east oil tycoons may feel a little pain in their bank accounts but what the heck they have enough money already. Lets put hydro-generators on every river, solar panels on every roof and wind turbines where the wind blows. Keep pushing the auto industry to make more efficient and green vehicles. Invest in green technology and the science behind it so our children and the generations to follow can once again be proud to be an American.

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