Allow your mind to wander and be creative

Imagination, a key to a happier and healthier mind and body. To allow your mind to wander and be creative during the day allows the brain to work out problems and to stimulate the chemicals that reduces stress and  it also relaxes the body. Seems as we get older our desire to imagination gets less either due to lack of time or to our illusion of it being immature and a waste of time. Just like dreaming at night it is a necessary part of life. Even simple fantasizing or day dreaming can relax you and help you to escape the stresses of modern life. From my own experience i have noticed a drop in blood pressure after day dreaming and imaginative Visualization. It lowered both Systolic and diolostic pressures by 4 points or better. It also helps me to become more peaceful when i find my self upset.

  So once or twice a week try to daydream or have a imaginative visualization and see how it helps you feel more relaxed. If that is all it will do for you that in itself is a good benefit for your body and mind.


Till Next Time
Verum Pet A.K.A. Ray Barbier

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