Love, Unconditional and Conditional

  Unconditional love is a rare commodity in this modern world, Especially between husband and wife. When you take the vows of matrimony it is a promise to love and cherish one another for better or worse.  Most married couples seem to look over the better and run when it gets worse. Seems the love of the modern day is conditional and selfish.
Love is meant to be selfless and ever flowing, sweet and forgiving not self gratifying and controlling. I have caught myself putting conditions on the love i give and see that such a love is not really love but more of a control issue. It is a selfish behavior to put conditions on love, To be a fair weather friend and or spouse is selfish and untrue.

If there is conditions to love then it is not love and one should walk away from such relationships if they can not love each other unconditionally. To love unconditionally is a hard thing to do sometimes but it is easier than living a lie or trying to keep the conditions met for conditional love. We should love one another for who and what we all are and accept the other persons faults as much as rejoice in their better qualities. Conditional Love never lasts for long because it isn’t real love at all. Only Unconditional love can last forever for it is selfless and it is true love.


Just my 2 cents worth
Ray Barbier A.K.A. Verum Peto

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