There is a darkness

Light Expelling Darkness, by James Gillray. Pu...

There is a darkness that hides within all of us deep within the recesses of our minds. It lurks in the shadows hiding from the light only to spring out to cause despair or fright. Some call it depression and anger others call it your dark side. Either way it comes out to play when things seem too good to be true to humble you and bring you back to reality.  This darker side of yourself is fueled by your fears, doubts and even your pride.

To have light one must have darkness and to have happiness there must be sadness.The ratio of the mix is the one thing you can control allong with how much power you give to them. There is darkness in every one of us if we want to face it or not. It is part of the human condition and will be with us as long as humans exist. Luckily there is the thing of good and light with each of us also. Things such as love,compassion, understanding and charity that balances it out and can keep the darkness in check.

Enough of my rambling for now
R. Barbier

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