When we were young, As we grew older

001  When we were young we lived each day without any care or fear of what the future may bring. We accepted what was before us and embraced change as if it where a brother or sister. As we grew older we started learning to fear the unknown as well as to worry about what may or may not happen in the near future. We went from truly living life in the moment to fearing the future and losing the ability to live in the here and now. Fear has its purpose but it is not meant to be a every day thing. Let the past lay in the past and let the future take care of its self, for the only time and moment we should think about or live in is the present.

Live in the here and now, Love those we have been blessed to have in our life and embrace every moment we have to live. The present is a gift that we should cherish much like the past is something we should remember but not live in. The future is something we can not really control though many live in the illusion that they can. When we were young we also accepted others for what they were and rarely looked for fault in their character. We judged no one and rarely judged our own selves. We looked for the good in all things instead of looking for the bad. Some call that innocence, I say it is living life the way it was intended to be.

If one goes through life only looking for fault in themselves and others then that is all that they will find. Obviously we all have faults and none of us are perfect so finding fault in someone is so much easier than seeing the good in them. We can not ignore the faults but we can try to see beyond them and accept them. We should focus on the good in ourselves and others, we should also try to help bring out the better qualities within ourselves and those around us. For we only have this one life to live and should try to make the best of it.

Live for today and seize the moment
Raymond Barbier

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