I know all of this is just wishful thinking and nothing more than pipe dream.

008 It seems the media thrives on doomsday prophecies and the misfortune of others. What once was informing and entertaining has transformed into fear pushing and theoretical theatre. If the media would put as much time and energy into promoting the real issues at hand and bringing to light the truth about what is going on today as they do the doomsday and political rhetoric the public wouldn’t be so confused about the facts. I know the truth doesn’t make good TV neither does the true problems of the world today. Nor do you see much inspiring or uplifting news stories on  t.v. for the feel good thing doesn’t get ratings.

Not only does the media seem to embrace such tactics to keep their ratings up, look at politicians they are likely to say whatever it takes to gain popularity and/or to get into office. Honesty and sincerity is no longer a part of the American life. Too many lies and too much bending of the truth going on in both politics and in the media and not enough accountability. Transparency is a joke for a government is never going to be 100% open and truthful with its public. If they ever were totally open and transparent it may cause either a political upheaval or civilian unrest. Too many things go on behind closed doors in a government for the public to know the truth and some of the things would be considered quite disturbing and unacceptable to the public.

To be honest what happens in Washington behind close doors is no concern to me unless it  directly affects the citizens of our great nation. For as transparency in government I support the idea up to a point. Some things just need to be kept secret in order to protect our national security. I would rather see our congress and president stop the political rhetoric and campaigning long enough to deal with the many issues both on the table and presently being either ignored or avoided. Far as the media goes, they need to stop playing to the ratings and being  political advocates for one party or the other. They need to report the news and bring us the facts in a fair and unbiased fashion. I know all of this is just wishful thinking and nothing more than pipe dream.

For what its worth, that’s my 2 cents worth.
Raymond Barbier

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