The family that eats, plays, prays and works together stays together.

dd43853The family unit is one of the most important part of society. Without a functional family unit t individuals would have no preparation for the harsh realities of life we all face. Some families are more functional than others and there are some that are quite dysfunctional. One of the shortcomings I see in modern-day families is that once the children approach the preteen and/or teen years the family group activities diminish if not cease to exist. Without family group activities the communications between the family members become less frequent as well as the trust that the family should have. The once close connection between parents and children break down as well as the connection between siblings. I had first hand experience with some of the problems mentioned above. I watched what once was a close family drift apart as I grew older.

I know that some of it is just a part of growing up, but it seems families are not as close as they once were and that the basic communication skills are lacking in the family unit. The family that eats, plays, prays and works together stays together. The family unit is a child‘s first social group along with its only true support structure. The child learns right from wrong, how to communicate with others and how to relate with the world outside through this or her family. Eventually the family unit will become second to the child’s social peers, and if there was not a strong bond amongst the family unit the social peers will be the social group that will influence the child the most.

The children and teens of today are the leaders, thinkers and the creative force of tomorrow. They are our greatest asset and the family unit is our greatest tool in molding and shaping their future as well as our own. Just something for all you out there to think about .

Peace and Wisdom be your Guiding light in life.
Raymond Barbier


5 thoughts on “The family that eats, plays, prays and works together stays together.”

  1. I have also seen this change in teens from family member to roommate. I think that parents struggle with wanting their child to want to be with the family, versus forcing them to participate. Finding a balance that works for everyone is very tricky. As you mentioned, the children are leaders and thinkers and I think it wise to treat them that way. The struggle is also on the side of the teens. Having the desire to be with their friends and equals while knowing they still need their family to survive. I recommend that families have a family motto or a clear and agreed upon mission statement. It allows parents to ask their teens if their actions are within the mission statement or motto. This gives the child an opportunity to take responsibility for themselves without the constant nag from parents. Thanks for posting this and including me in your related articles.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and posting the comment. A family motto or mission statement is a good idea, thanks once again for your comment and sharing some of your foresight / insight

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