Are you using a rake or an axe?

p10131There once was a man who had a tree that constantly dropped leaves on his lawn. Every day he would rake up all the leaves and debris in his yard. He really hated that tree, it ruined his perfect lawn each fall. For years he raked the leaves tirelessly every day during autumn. This was so until one day his neighbor saw him raking leaves while cursing the tree. The neighbor asked him why are you using a rake when you could simply use an axe to cut that tree down?

Are you using a rake when it comes to your life problems? Are you just cleaning up the symptoms and results of a bigger problem or are you using an axe to cut down the source of your problems? You can either use the rake and react to the problem or use the axe and act on the cause of the problem.

Just a silly thought I had, right or wrong it is mine to share

Raymond Barbier

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