Each day you wake up is but a gift and each night you lay down is a blessing.

IMG_1085  Each day you wake up is but a gift and each night you lay down is a blessing. Every person you meet can either become your friend or your enemy, so treat strangers with kindness. For you do not know what greatness may be within that stranger you greet or ignore. For every one of us are full of greatness in one way or another. We all have been blessed with our own unique gifts and talents. We should not let them go to waste, we should use them for  the enrichment  of both our life and the lives of others.

The trick is to find those god given talents or gifts, sometimes they are hidden well and other times they can be right under your nose. Usually they will be something you naturally enjoy and excel at but sometimes they are like a fixer upper and need a bit of tweaking before they become complete and fully developed. One of the biggest obstacles is modern day life, it can keep you so stressed and distracted that you unable to focus on what is important.This can keep one from seeing the goodness in life and the world along with keeping you so busy that you have no time to do anything beyond just surviving. Another obstacle is worry, worry does nothing but rob you of your present in order to steal away your tomorrow. Worry tends to fill your mind and take it over leaving no time for you to live or enjoy the moment your living in. You can become so overwhelmed by worry and your fears that they become the only thing you can even think of and focus on.

We need to learn to avoid worrying and how to put aside fear so we can have time to enjoy the blessings we have and the gift of life we have been given. Find happiness in the small things and in your family and/or friends. Respect yourself as well as others and seize the moment for it is only a temporary point in the time stream we live in. Each day you are alive is a gift and should be cherished as such. For there is never a guarantee that tomorrow will come.


Time waits for no one and no one can escape time.

Raymond Barbier.

One thought on “Each day you wake up is but a gift and each night you lay down is a blessing.”

  1. Each and everyone of us is beautifully and wonderfully made, as God blesses us each day, He rejoices with the hosts of heaven over the godly manifestations of his children on earth. By his grace, we will continue to walk in the light.
    Thanks for sharing these insights.

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