Kindness, laughter and love are contagious

O_C_fo03bu The power of a hug, smile, laugh or just a few kind words can make someone’s bad day turn into a great day. You must be willing to be a bringer of goodwill and kindness if you desire to have kindness and goodwill returned. You reap what you sow and you get what you dish out to other people. You must be kind-hearted to yourself and let it grow outwardly towards everyone around you. It’s like a flame, it slowly spreads outward and eventually there is a fire and it keeps spreading. Kindness is just like that it grows and grows spreading everywhere. Yes there are some people who can repel kindness and others that will try to kill it with bitterness but as long as you keep sending it out it will not be extinguished.

Kindness, laughter and love are contagious, once they start to spread its almost impossible to stop them. Even the smallest spark of kindness can overcome the greatest anger just like a candle can rid a whole room of darkness. Plus it is far better to go through life choosing to be happy and spreading kindness than to be bitter and spread the seeds of sadness.


To be happy one must choose happiness, to be kind one only hast to try from the heart.
Ray Barbier

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