The power of prayer with true faith is a powerful thing

026Prayer, Faith and their power to heal the body, mind and soul is questioned by science everyday. Yet they try to dismiss, debunk and deny the miracles that God blesses many with the miracle healings still occur. I have witnessed a few healings in my life from a tumor disappearing, clogged arteries clearing and no damage or sign of a heart attack after someone had one. I have also seen cancer being stopped as well. One could argue misdiagnosis but in most of the cases the illnesses were diagnosed by several doctors and was known of for many years. The power of prayer with true faith is a powerful thing and regardless of the skepticism of scientists and those who are non believers we must continue to keep faith and pray for the sick and those in need.

Faith and prayer go together, one without the other is almost useless.

Ray Barbier

7 thoughts on “The power of prayer with true faith is a powerful thing”

  1. So true! God is in the business of doing miracles and does them all the time – big ones and little ones. May we all have eyes to see what He is doing so we can recognize it as the work of His hands and give Him the glory.

  2. How true and how encouraging it is messages like this that inspire those who are farther along and those who are just starting out in faith to remain steadfast in prayer..AND faith.. they must both be mixed… Sincere Prayer and TRUE faith in God alone! Awesome

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