Yelling at an oncoming storm

012Last night I had an interesting dream, I was standing before what seemed to be the front door of a house I lived in years ago. I noticed the wind from a storm brewing outside had opened the screen door so I went to go close it and looked at the approaching storm and said to it “I am a follower of Christ, I live in Christ, I rest in Christ, I fight on the side of Christ. Before I said these things the door was being difficult to shut but afterwards it shut easily and then the dream ended. Just one of those interesting dreams that you want to share and remember because how odd it seemed. Yelling at an oncoming storm and confirming my Christianity to it as if to let it know I was ready to face the storm.

Well I know it’s not an interesting article but it was one of those things I got a feeling to write about.

God Bless

Ray Barbier

3 thoughts on “Yelling at an oncoming storm”

  1. I think it’s very interesting. It reminds
    Me of a few things…
    1. Our sword, the power of the Word of God
    2. The tree in Jeremiah 17, unaffected
    By the surrounding storms and drought but
    It remained strong because it’s roots ran deep along the riverbank
    3. When Jesus spoke to the storm and the wind immediately stopped .
    Seems like the common denominator is
    Faith. Great thought provoking post 🙂

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