Politeness and respectfulness is learned by example

DSCF0007Today I feel like talking about manners, politeness and having respect for one another. I remember when I was a child how my mother and father tried hard to instill in me the mannerisms such as showing respect to others and to be polite to everyone I meet and that I should be this way to those I know, don’t know, like or dislike. Seems politeness and respect are becoming either a thing of the past or is considered less important in our youth today.I think we were far better off when we had politeness and respect as a part of our upbringing. My parents were also the type that would try to practice what they preached, at least in front of us kids they did their best not to lose their tempers, speak ill of others or be disrespectful of anyone. This of course goes to say that they may have done such behind our backs but in general they stayed true to what they preached.

Politeness and respectfulness is learned by example, so most kids are usually imitating what they have seen at home and at school. This is why parents, educators and youth group leaders should practice politeness and respectfulness in front of the children.

Just some thoughts that passed through my mind today.

God Bless and peace to all.

Ray Barbier

2 thoughts on “Politeness and respectfulness is learned by example”

  1. I can see Ray that your Parents teaching and instruction were respected and that you seek to live by their example in your life. Yes our attitude must always be one of respect for others, they are all people of worth or Jesus would not have died for them.

    We also need to be real and honest, there is a time for everything, emotions are a gift from God and He does not tell us to always be Happy Clappy, Jesus was known as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. When God warns us about anger it is so we will not sin in our anger meaning have fleshy anger that is based on hate and bitterness and which is not resolved but continues and eats us away like Cancer and leads into all types of bondage.

    I’m angry when I see injustice, or God mocked and not respected, when I’m victimised or manipulated and lied to. Jesus, got the whip out and called the Pharisees a brood of Vipers, we only have to read some of His conversations in the Gospels, to know He was real, He gets to the point and Paul called those who were causing trouble in the Church, Childish and told them to grow up.

    Respect and Love everybody but value only what is good, reject evil and stand up for God’s Truth and firmly if needed, but always with respect.

    Christian Love Anne

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