Radom Thoughts on Tuesday 6/17/2014

016Anything and almost everything worthwhile takes time and effort to obtain. There is no such thing as a quick fix or at least one that is permanent or truly effective.  When it comes to life we seems to seek out the easiest path to follow and leave ourselves wondering why our life isn’t how we want it to be. Well taking the path of least resistance usually leaves one wanting and lacking in their life.  The reason we wind up wanting or lacking is we were being followers and being such we were left the crumbs left behind by those ahead of us.

To follow is fine if you don’t mind being left behind or constantly changing direction every time a leader does or a new leader comes by.  It’s best to lead your own life, we are meant to be our own navigators in life. Plus if you are going to pay for mistakes or reap rewards from them, wouldn’t you rather do so because you chose the path that lead you there and not because you followed someone blindly out of convenience?

Don’t get me wrong there will be times you will follow because you happen to share the same path, just never follow blindly, always be aware of the course as well as the destination. Take charge of your own life and take responsibility for the choices you make. And always remember nothing is for free, there is always a price to pay and that even if you follow you are responsible for the path your taking.

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