Random thoughts 9-17-2015

When you look at the person standing next to you, try to remember they too have problems and situations within their lives. They too have emotions and desire to be happy and successful in life.  When you want to judge others remember to look at yourself first for you have flaws if you want to believe it or not.  The flaw you may point out in the person next to you may be the flaw you hide in yourself.

No one is perfect nor can we all be the same due to the different experiences we have had through our lives. Not everyone can be confident, social or well adjusted. So look beyond the shortcomings in others, accept them for who they are and you might find a diamond in the rough.  We all are human, no one is perfect and we all need each other to survive and thrive.

Ray Barbier

Random thoughts 9-17-2015 was originally published on RJB Networks

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