Random Thoughts 10-28-2015

mp900426559Life is full of twists and turns, probabilities and mishaps. Most of which you either caused or created by the choices you had made. The outcome you seek is not always what you receive, this is especially true when you are blind to the fact you are the one behind the wheel and that it is not just chance or fate dealing the cards. Most things are within our control, some are just random variables that we can not control or avoid. Though unavoidable does not mean that we can not set in motion countermeasures to adjust the final outcome.



tpl_7_pplThings such as fate and destiny are not set in stone, we can change them with hard work and determination. Some things may not be able to be stopped once they are in motion, but they can be slowed down and even with enough effort you can change the direction they are flowing. That is the nice thing about having free will , you can change your fate or destiny by changing the way you think, act, react and live your life. This is your life after all, it isn’t a scripted play nor is it just a random collection of coincidences. The author of your life is you, therefore you can change the story line at any given time in your life.



Ray Barbier

Random Thoughts 10-28-2015 was originally published on Mind Exposure

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