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I am greater than the sum of all my parts

Freewill concepts based upon Philosophy of Min...
Freewill concepts based upon Philosophy of Mind Causation Views. This document has been produced in the same format as this document (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the difference between what we label as the mind and what we refer to as the heart? Aren’t both just mental processes or biochemical occurrences in our brain? From the scientific view that is all we are, a big organic biochemical computer with no soul or spark of life. We only can act or react in the way we were programmed by the environment we live in and the experiences we have been through. We have no freewill because all we do is predestined by our life time of conditioning. If this is true then why can two individuals grow up in the same environment and are exposed to very similar experiences turn out so different. How can a man who has walked a very dark path all of a sudden change and walk a path of peace and love? I can not deny the influence on our psyche by the environment  we grew up in or the life experiences we may have through life but I do know we can choose to either let them be what defines us or we can choose to make our own path regardless of what hand life dealt us.

The thing about freewill is we can choose to use it or we can choose to be a victim of our environment and life experiences. Freewill is really nothing other than the ability to exert you own will and the ability to be more than the sum of your life experiences and the environmental influences of your life. The heart is your emotional self but it also the side of you that knows the difference between selfish and loving acts or thoughts. Could it be just logical processes or instinct or is it just a learned process from your parents? Is it a divine spark with our carnal mind? those questions are yours to explore and answer. All I will say is there is like two sides to ones personality, one that cares for itself and the other that cares for everyone and everything else.  To be honest if all I am is a biochemical computer programmed from experiences and by my environment then what is this lifetime I have been blessed with for? Well thank god I know that I am greater than the sum of all my parts and that I do have freewill . But I respect those who chose to believe otherwise and rather think that we are all victims of circumstance and experiences.

Just something to think on
Raymond Barbier

You are the only one who can change it.

007Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball or serve you lemons. Usually it came from something you’ve done in your past, the fact all actions have equal and if not opposite reactions plays a part in life as well as in physics. Though there are external forces that play a part in it but usually they just nudge your life’s direction more than control it. its your reactions to situations and the initial actions you have chosen that shapes your life’s course. You are the captain of your destiny as well as the master of your own fate. Unless an act of god or force of nature intervenes you will wind up exactly were you have led yourself through your choices along the path of life. The good news is that it isn’t  too late to change course, you just have to make the right choices and put action behind your good intentions to see a change in both the course of your life and your current fate / destiny.

even the smallest of changes in your daily routine can influence the final outcome of your current life;s path. The hardest part isn’t making the choice but to actually make the changes in your self and in your life routine to change the direction you currently are heading. Simply said but not simply executed, the choice to change is always a hard to accomplish but well worth the effort kind of thing to do. No other person can make your life what you want it to be, you are the only one who can make the choices and changes necessary to make your life better.

“If your life is not all you want it to be, just remember you are the only one who can change it”. ~ Raymond Barbier

Walk the path you choose and beat your drum the way you like

HPIM0611  The life you live is yours to lead and is fully your own responsibility, you can ether take control and live your life the way you choose or allow others to make the choices for you. If you choose to make your own choices or not you still are responsible for the choices made and are liable for any negative results that come from the choices. Responsibility for your actions be they actions of your choice or actions created by the situation around you is fully yours.

It is better to be responsible for the choices you have made than to pay for the choices made for you by someone else. Plus you would probably make far better choices for your own self knowing that there are consequences that come along with the actions and decisions you make. I read somewhere that there are two type of people, there are those that follow and those that are born to lead. I think that is a load of hogwash, every person has it within them to be a leader and to be a follower is to rely on the judgment of others and that usually never ends well for the follower.

I myself for many years allowed others to lead me and make decisions for me only to find myself usually unhappy and paying the cost for living in that way. The problem is I can not even have anger towards those I allowed to control my life for it was my own decision to allow them to do so. So I am stuck with the consequences  from the things that I was lead into and feeling guilt for the damage done. I have recently started taking my own life into my hands and facing the wind on my own. Fully responsible for my choices and proud to fail as well as succeed as an individual. I follow my own path and dance to the beat of my own drum for now on.

Do I always make the right choice? no. But at least when I do make a mistake it is my own and it came from my own choice not a reflection of someone else’s  choice for me or from a perception of what I think others want me to be or do.Where I will end up in the end and if I am happy or not is now in my hands and not one person can or will choose that for me again.

Be a leader of your own life, and cast off the chains of societies ideal of what you are supposed to be. Choose to be the best of who you are regardless of what others try to say you should do or be. Walk the path you choose and beat your drum the way you like. For it is your life to live not anyone else’s.


Well that’s my thoughts on this subject anyway.

May peace be your comforter and love be your guide

Raymond Barbier