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Random Ideals and Opinions

What defines us as a species

bnf0429We are only human, we fall, we fail, we stumble and we make loads of mistakes. We are only human, we get back up, we try again, we offer a helping hand to others, we forgive we also overcome many shortcomings. Though we as a species have many failings we also have so many great attributes and such potential. We can not allow the times we fail to be what defines us, we should make the times we succeed, overcome and prevail what defines us as a species. We should never look down on another person for mistakes or shortcomings because we could have easily been that person or in the same situation as them. Be it at work, school or just at home we must remember we all are human and are prone to make mistakes from time to time. Not one person can be perfect nor can they succeed all of the time.

We shouldn’t gossip or bad talk each other, one day you could need the help of the person you gossip about or disrespect and they just might not be there to help because of how you treated them. They probably will be there, because most humans are compassionate and forgiving in nature but there are some that are not.

Just some thoughts to ponder on.
Ray Barbier

What about a broken heart

Broken Heart symbol
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  A good friend of mine recently suffered a from a broken heart and that is something very devastating to have to live through. We all have to deal with having our heart broken from time to time in life and some are worse than others. The thing is even though your heart has been broken it is still there and still is full of love though the pain you feel is blocking the way. Do not let one bad apple in the barrel keep you from tasting the others. To find someone who loves you the way you want and the way you are willing to love them back is sometimes a long and even painful path at times.

To quote a great author “ It is better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all” and I believe that is true. I myself rather be loved and love others than to be lonely and never know the grandness of love no matter how short lived or how painful the death of that love is. For the pain will eventually pass and usually a warmer and better love comes along in the end. Live life and love the time you have with friends, lovers and potential lovers you meet in life and never expect more from others than you yourself can give or do and all should be good.

If you had fun along the way remember it more than the heartbreak because that is what matters. Remember the good and quickly suffer the pain you have and put it behind you so you can move on and find that one you are looking for. Also remember no person is perfect and neither is any relationship. Perfection is something that is not obtainable , but there are loves that are awesome that one can be blessed with . Love yourself for who and what you are and eventually someone out there will love you the same way.

Take it from someone who has had his heart ripped to shreds a few times in life and broken quite a few. Love is worth all the heartbreaks because eventually you will find the one that will make all those heartaches disappear.

May god bless you and bring you love

R. Barbier