The Blogosphere is the gathering of sages, artisans, elders and intellects.

IMG_0054   One of this worlds greatest assets is the blogosphere, which is composed of people who are everything from artists,poets,philosophers,economists and pretty much any other profession and/or art form you can think of. Some of the most creative and innovative minds exist in the blogosphere, bloggers are not scared to think inside or outside the box which gives them the ability to reach levels of creativity needed to solve the problems of our modern world. There is such diversity in the blogosphere that it gives us a plethora of viewpoints to consider when looking for answers. If the governments of the world were smart they would look to the blogosphere for ideas as well as for answers to the problems the world is facing. For the blogosphere is but the gathering of sages, artisans, elders and intellects from across this great planet. To overlook such creativity, wisdom and intelligence would be a grand oversight by the leaders of the world governments.


Just an observation and an opinion that I wanted to share.
Right or wrong it is here for all to see.

Raymond Barbier

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