If big business would listen to economists and try to work out a way

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It seems if a big business or a congressman / congresswoman commit crimes they get a slap on the wrist or a fine when if either you or I were to commit the same crimes we would wind up in jail or at least on probation. So many businesses are using unethical and underhanded ways to cause price hikes so they can get record high profits. Believe me they will go as far as breaking the law if not bending it to make their all mighty dollar. Especially the oil companies, they buy oil when its cheap and hold it till prices soar to sell it to make profit instead of using it to keep cost low. Its bad enough OPEC plays tricks to keep oil prices high and add the Oil companies both American and internationally owned joining in on the game. Seems there is little to no accountability in big business now days and that is one reason our economy is in such bad shape. We need big business for our economy to throve but if they keep raising prices then the major contributor to the American economy is going to dry up. That contributor is you and me A.K.A.  the consumer. If we can’t afford to buy luxury items or gas for travel we will just save our money and shop less. This will set off a domino effect of more rising prices and that will bring less consumer spending. The thing is the big businesses can afford to have fewer profits easier than the average person can afford the skyrocketing costs.

We need more regulation to make sure that big businesses can make profits at a reasonable rate and so they will do so ethically. Some argue regulation hurts the economy, well sure it hurts the CEO’s economy and the board members along with the share holders but they will pass that buck down to their hourly employees and some of it to the consumer. The problem is I am for less government control but I am also for the ethical practice of business. So which is the lesser evil government regulation or allowing big business to continue making soaring profits while causing skyrocketing prices.  If big business would listen to economists and try to work out a way to lower prices and still make a profit then there is no need for any type of government regulations. So the ball is in their court for now, but if they don’t get their act together soon consumers (the Voters) of America will get tired of it and demand the government to do something. Which has already started with such moments as occupy wall street.  I am no Economist nor do I claim to know the solution, but I do see the problem and feel it is something that must be dealt with soon or the economy will just get worse and might even go into another great depression. I am not anti big business but i am definitely anti bad business.

Well right or wrong that is my opinion

Raymond Barbier

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