I embrace the tender heart within me and accept that which makes me who and what I am.

It is amazing how there is a tender side to everyone if they allow it to show. How we tend to hide that side out of fear, the fear of either being hurt by others or being labeled as someone who is a sissy or too nice for their own good. Being macho, tough and/or cold never gets anyone anywhere but alone and unhappy. For you should be that tender-hearted person god made you be, this does not mean to allow others to walk on you it means simply to forgive those that do and side step those that may. Forgiveness and acceptance of each other and our shortcomings is what Jesus tried to teach us, turn the other cheek and to love even thy enemy. We cannot be a hurtful and hateful person without suffering many pains and losses due to our lack of compassion and love. I rather suffer as a person of love and compassion than to suffer for being hateful and bringing suffering to others. Think what you may of me, my philosophy and the way I view this world we live in, I am what am and I cannot be anything other than which I was born to be. When I tried to be what others expected me to be I suffered with unhappiness, anger and sometimes depression, I choose to be me and be happy as I am than to worry about the opinions of others. If someone is not a positive influence on me I simply avoid them and wish them the best and then seek out the more positive people around me. When anger does strike me I let it out and then put it out so to move on instead of hanging on to the negativity it brings. I embrace the tender heart within me and accept that which makes me who and what I am. I accept and embrace what makes those I meet who and what they are as well. It is the differences between us that make us such a wondrous and unique species.

May peace and compassion be your guides through life.
Raymond Barbier

4 thoughts on “I embrace the tender heart within me and accept that which makes me who and what I am.”

  1. Thank you, fellow sojourner, in linking my recent post to this one of yours. It’s lovely to be included. Yes, what we wrote resonates with one another. What you write here is right on, powerful and I’m grateful for your words and presence in this world. I look forward to connecting. Blessings, Lisa

  2. I love this, Raymond!! I choose to love, and have happiness,… rather than to have anger, and hatred. I have been made fun of a lot of times, because i choose happiness, and forgiveness, instead of holding grudges. Life is just TOO short, to hold grudges!! It’s just so easy to love!! I can’t help but smile, and be happy everyday, cause Jesus has been so very good to me!! That’s not to say that i don’t have a down day every so often,….but when i think of how i have been blessed, i sure can’t stay down long!! I embrace love, and happiness!! I want so much for all to know God’s love,….if they did,….they would have such love, and happiness!! I too, love to be around positive people. I have been blessed to know very many of them!! I have also known so many, that are not. I have tried to help them, as much as i could, and i will always keep trying to help them. I have had to walk away sometimes, and it was not easy. I never like to give up on anyone. But i have always let them know,…that i am there if they need me. I always want to show love, and kindness, and pray that i will always be a help to someone.

    1. Once again, such a heartfelt comment, you should be a blogger yourself 🙂 if you ever decide to try blogging let me know ill add ya to my blog as a writer anytime. Thanks once again my friend. Peace and love.

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