For the glory of God and not for favor or for self satisfaction.

p10328We are like the moon and God’s love is like the sun, we reflect gods love for all to see. The love, compassion and forgiving nature we possess is but a reflection of God’s. Just like the moon we reflect the light of God into the darkness of this world so those in darkness can see the light. We must remember we too walk in this world of darkness and that we must be careful not to allow the darkness to dim the light we reflect. Just like the real moon we also have a dark side we must deal with, this is the nature of being human and of the flesh. The flesh craves all that stimulates and that can be coveted. Our carnal nature is one of the things we must try to resist for it is the product of our selfish nature not of our loving nature or of the spirit which god gave us. Being humble and full of compassion is the nature of our hearts and is the path to being true to the light we reflect. I believe we only reflect God’s light, love and compassion because it is his glory we do the works we do and his grace that gives us the forgiveness we need. The goodness within us sprung from the seed God planted in us therefore the goodness is God’s and we are just the gardeners.

Good Works may not get you into heaven but they are the result of the goodness God planted within us.
So Good  Works are done for the glory of God and not for favor or for self-satisfaction.

Just some thoughts on a Thursday morning.
Raymond Barbier

4 thoughts on “For the glory of God and not for favor or for self satisfaction.”

  1. I’m not a Christian, but I certainly enjoy reflecting on moral lessons. Here is an old Native American parable that you may like:

    An old Cherokee told his grandson, “There is a battle of two wolves inside all of us. One is Evil; it is envy, pride, anger, malice, greed, and ego. The other is Good; it is kindness, love, compassion, integrity, sacrifice, and virtue.”

    The boy asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

    The Cherokee said, “The one you feed.”

    1. I love Native American Parables and philosophies. Might have to do with the small amount of Cherokee in our family or just the fact Native americans are very wise. Either way I enjoyed this Comment and Greaty Appreciate you Sharing the Parable.

  2. We really do have dark sides, Ray!! It is a constant battle, to do what is right. To follow after the “light”, which is Jesus,….is not always easy. The devil is constantly putting obstacles, in our way, to trip us up, and to make us fall. We are to show the love of God, to others, with love, compassion, understanding, and kindness. We are to forgive others, the way that Jesus, forgave us. We are to be humble, and to think of others, as better than ourselves. We are to give, without expecting in return. The dark side, is self serving. It wants it’s own way. Sometimes, we indulge in “self”, and forget others. That is when we walk after the flesh, and not after Jesus. When we become “worldly”, we tend to forget about others, and their needs, because we are indulging in “self”. We have to pray daily, and ask for God’s help, and guidance, to be able to follow after what is right for us, and to be mindful of others, and what their needs are. It certainly is not easy to fight the flesh, since it wants it’s own way,….but with God’s help, we CAN, overcome it.

  3. hi ray its Lisa and i am enjoying all of your blogs that you have put out.they seem in someway all connected to me and the way things are going in my life well thanks for that and yes i still love you ray its been a really long time since we where together good to hear these blogs and bless you goodnight

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