Just follies and illusions

{love and happiness}

Each morning I wake knowing I am blessed with another day of life and with someone to love me as well as a job. The things I used to take for granted seem to be so much more important nowadays. With the world caught up in a whirlwind of troubles that seem to be getting worse. The fear of those troubles are far less than they used to be and the appreciation of family friends and those who are special to me grows. The simpler things in life seem to have more importance than the ambition and social statuses ever had. The things that once mattered are shown to me for what they are, just follies and illusions. The things I took for granted finally become my fist priority like they used to be in my youth. The happiness of those I love and know comes before my own, though I’ve found that their happiness brings me a fulfilling happiness of my own. The selfish me is fading away as I embrace the humble and caring side of myself once again.

What good is all the gold and silver in the world if the ones you love are left behind.
Raymond Barbier

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