We are striving to be Christ like

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

At times in our life as Christians we will be attacked because of our faith / beliefs. There are some who resent us because we believe in something greater and higher than humanity. They dislike that we strive to walk in faith and with Jesus. Then there is those who are Christians that attack others because of their beliefs and that is not the right path of a Christian. That battle is not our , that battle is for the father, son and the holy spirit / ghost. When we as Christians attack other religions or doctrines we become an instrument of anger and hate which is not what Jesus taught. Yes, we are supposed to teach of the scriptures and offer aid in helping others to come to Christ but we are not to be angry and judgmental people.  To have a debate with believers of other religions and / or faiths is good but it must be done in a peaceful and respectful manner. For we are to try to teach the word of God and spread the Good News of the new testament. We are not supposed to be violent, angry or someone who persecutes others for all of humanity belongs to our father and we should treat all of them as so. If someone you are testifying to becomes negative, angry and or disrespectful then it is time to turn your cheek to their abusive nature and leave in peace praying for their hearts and souls to see the truth.


The bottom line is we are Christians that means we are striving to be Christ like, Christ was peaceful and only rose to anger once when he saw his father’s house being used as a shameful money exchange and for profit. So we too should be at peace with others, we should also be very vocal about our dislike of the use of the church for profit of any kind. We should love all our brothers and sisters regardless if they are Christian or not. We should forgive those who attack our faith  for  God has forgiven us therefore we should forgive others.

Love your brothers and sisters,forgive in the way you have been forgiven,  be at peace with all, walk in faith and walk in Christ and give aid to those in need,  help those whom are weak and those that can not help themselves.

Ray Barbier

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

4 thoughts on “We are striving to be Christ like”

  1. Well said. I know some who use their “Christian” faith as a smoke screen for their very un-Christ-like behavior. This is not the way of Christ. Not the way of peace-loving people of any faith.

  2. I would like to make a correction. We do not criticize or hate believers because they “believe in something greater and higher than humanity”
    We criticize believers in response to their actions. For example: I don’t criticize my family for being Christian. I criticize them for judging me for not being Christian. I am not attacking their beliefs for the sheer fun of it–I’m attacking their beliefs in defense of mine.

    I hope this clears things up. Thanks for the blog post.

    1. but what if christian beliefs “are not” to criticize????? if we criticize for judging, are we not “judging” to criticize????? kind of a “rock and a hard place”, ain’t it???

    2. Well sorry your parents are that way, that is what i was speaking against. We shouldnt critisize or chastize anyone for theier beliefs. I personaly have nothing against Athiests or believers of other religions. I respect thier choice of belief or non belief.

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