Half awake and Half Baked Ideas on a Saturday morning

p10110Sometimes you have to get over your self, you have to put behind you the Ego you have accumulated through your lifetime in order to move on and find the real you that is buried deep beneath. We have two or more personalities, our mind creates many variations of our persona to deal with the multitude of different experiences and situations we had in our life. They connect to the core personality which is the real you, they are like extensions or sub programs made to make it easier to deal with the experiences in life. The problem is through time our situations change and those old sub programs / sub personalities are still there. It is hard for the mind to adapt an old persona and sometimes old values and old ways of dealing with things are no longer viable or acceptable. That is why we need to learn to strip ourselves of the other personalities or facets of our ego so we can start fresh and create a better version of who we are perceived as by others.

tpl0016 We all hide behind the many masks we have created through life, we rarely see our true self because the masks are our self-created filters and defense  mechanism. Most of us  will always have masks, but some masks need to be thrown away in order to make newer and improved ones.  Those of us who are brave and strong enough may be able to walk unmasked in this world, those are the ones that become visionaries, healers, spiritual teachers and bringers of great change in the world.

Half awake and Half Baked Ideas on a Saturday morning

Ray Barbier

7 thoughts on “Half awake and Half Baked Ideas on a Saturday morning”

  1. Dude Raymond i just read over this article and what you said about everyone wearing a mask makes me think of superheros haha I had to just say something but on another note, this is a very great way to describe how we live in not false life styles but we are, I think, too wrapped up in living the way people want us to instead of really living truly for ourselves and God’s usage as well…Hope all is well with you friend!

      1. As long as your blessed thats all that is needed to put a smile on the face and to go out and face the day to come, peace to you as well.

  2. thanks for the ping back! I do think it is best to be constantly re-evaluating yourself and your “masks” because it is so easy to get stuck playing a role you don’t want anymore. We change so quickly the masks become stagnate almost as quickly as we make them, and if we continue to wear the same “masks” then we too are stagnant in personality and actions.

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