With a new day we have a new chance to change our ways, our path and our destination.

DSCF0001Each morning we wake we are given another chance at living life. With a new day we have a new chance to change our ways, our path and our destination. Some people try to argue we do not have freewill or free choice and that we are but the product of pre-conditioning and circumstance. Well to a degree we are, but the kicker is we can choose how we react to such and we can choose to go a totally different way than the pre-conditioning and circumstances would dictate. So with the gift of another day of life we also have the gift of freewill and free choice to make that day what we chose.  We also have the ability to surrender our right to choose and to leave it to God’s will. There is also the choice not to choose and let chance and the circumstances we encounter make or day as well. Which way will you choose? Will you take the helm and take responsibility for both your good and bad choices? Will you choose to let chance and circumstance to make your day or will you leave it to the Will of God?

No matter which way you decide I urge you to remember where all your help comes from and who gave you this day and the freedom to live it as you choose.  Remember to thank God each day for the gift of life and the freedom to choose.

Ray Barbier

5 thoughts on “With a new day we have a new chance to change our ways, our path and our destination.”

  1. Thanks for linking my post “Freewill: the neurological weather pattern”.
    To save your readers from having to actually read my post I thought I’d leave a convenient question here:
    You say we can choose how we react to our preconditions. Well, that is the assertion of freewill (not an argument in defence of it), so my question is this: given that none of the billiard balls can choose how they react at the first “break”, but it still looks chaotic, how can we choose how we react to the the circumstances we find ourselves in?

    1. unlike billard balls we have a brain, a brain that is not only a sum of experiences but one that can think abstractly and use logic and sometimes even make the non logical choice. sometimes we act instinctive or by the knowledge from previous experiences and then there is times we stop look at it and choose to go against what we have known to work. And even Chaos has a pattern and order to it even if it is chaotic. I guess sometimes we go by experience or logic and other times we go by our gut feelings. All I know is many times I have went against what I was taught and known to be true (worked before) in situations. If I didn’t have free will then I would be like a computer and choose the preprogrammed response or path every time. And I hope my readers do read your post and blog, I am one who sees no problem with offering different or opposite view of my own to my readers. 🙂 Thank you for the response and hope I answered your inquiry sufficiently. If not feel free to be more specific or elaborate on the your question and I will do my best to respond.

      Thank you
      Ray Barbier
      One Lifetime Blog

      1. There is nothing about freewill that says the negation is to behave like a well-programmed computer.
        So, given that a decision manifests as a material thing in the brain (observed by fMRI and EEG scans) how does the brain deviate so wildly and independently from material rules and laws.
        Material things follow deterministic rules. The brain in material.

      2. The brain is that matter, can not argue that point. The interesting point is it is also part energy or at least the process of thought is. Far as the Mechanisms of the brain it doesn’t deviate but far as the conscious thought that’s another story. The problem here is you are arguing a scientific viewpoint and I am more arguing from a Philosophical viewpoint. Though sometimes they do meet its very rare. The fact we are having this debate is a marvelous wonder. The Ability to be totally self aware and Sentient is also an amazing thing as well. Though I feel I failed to answer your comment it has been an honor. And thank you for the comments and the stimulating conversation / Debate.

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