Open my eyes so I may see

006bOpen my eyes so I may see, help me to see beyond the selfishness within my heart and mind. Help me to see once again the beauty in life and in this world I live in. So much anger and hate all around me, so much mistreatment of or brothers and sisters for reasons that are petty and meaningless. So much good in each of us that is laid to waste by our selfishness and pride, so many leaders leading us in the wrong direction and we follow them as if we are blind.

What makes one person better, superior or more deserving of a happy life than another? Nothing, we all deserve happiness and none of us are more or less than another. We al make mistakes, we all stumble in the dark at times and we all definitely make wrong choices in our lives. We are all sinners and we all are prone to be selfish by nature.

Open all of our eyes to see the beauty in the world and the beauty that is buried deep within us all. Let us see beyond our own desires and needs so we can see the needs of others. We are all in this world and life together, we all have feelings, needs and wants. We all have the power to make change happen in this world and each one of us are a part of the larger picture.

5 thoughts on “Open my eyes so I may see”

  1. I really have to say , I took what you had written and applied it to myself. I catch myself in those moments of selfishness and adjust myself.It makes more time and more room to do something better for someone else. Again, thank you and keep putting it out there. It doesn’t fall upon deaf ears.
    Tod A Parker

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