Feeling free to be who you truly are.

010Sometimes Happiness is nothing more than feeling free to be who you truly are. Being free of worry and fear of judgment by others. Being myself with no regards to what others may think allows me to enjoy my day. Seems also when I allow my true self to appear I don’t seem as critical or cynical  of myself or others. Such a weight lifted on the days I let my true self come out to play.

This world and modern society puts way too much restriction on how we must behave and be to belong or fit in. This puts such a burden on the backs of those whom are not the norm and even on those that conform.

Be yourself and not that what others expect or want you to be. To pretend to be whom you are not for the sake of conformity is but a dark and dreary way to exist.  The Love and happiness within you multiplies exponentially when you live as the person who you truly are.

Be true to yourself and cherish  each moment of every day.
Ray Barbier

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