Just some random thoughts on a sunday morning

When you put yourself above and before all else you tend to lose focus and wander through life only seeking out pleasures or power. When you put others before yourself you tend to realize how unimportant are you wants and how important is the welfare and needs of others. You also realize how you have far more to be happy about than you have to complain about in reality.Most of our lives are far better than we tend to see, when we see how bad others have it in this world the more we see how blind we have been.
The saddest part is there is more than enough wealth, food, water and other necessities to go around. We alow politics, greed and apathy to stand in the way of a better world for all of ourselves and our children. We need to pay less attention to our desires to have the newest and best electronic gadgets, automobiles and such, we waste so much money on keeping up with the Joneses or trying to be in style. A lot of the money we spend on such things could either help out a friend, neighbor or just could be saved for a rainy day.

Just some random thoughts on a sunday morning
Ray Barbier

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